Civil Rights Hero Nancy Mace Just Wants Jan. 6 Suspects Treated With A Little Compassion, You Know?

January 6 image featuring QAnon Shaman and men in red hats trying to take over Congress

Let's check in on faux "moderate" Republican Rep. Nancy Mace from South Carolina. Mace sits on the House Oversight Committee, and its goofball chair James Comer has teamed up with Marjorie Taylor Greene to organize a field trip to visit the "persecuted" January 6 "political prisoners" or in law-talker terms, "violent insurrection suspects."

Sunday, Mace told CNN's "State of the Union" guest host Kaitlan Collins that she's not joining this absurd pro-insurrection congressional delegation.

"I"m not joining them, but I'll say this: I've done a lot of civil rights work over the years as a state lawmaker and a member of Congress. In fact, the very first bill I ever filed or helped work on my freshman year was with Hakeem Jeffries on a civil rights piece of legislation."

Wait ... is she about to ... NO!


She goes on like this for a while. Unfortunately, the CNN team didn't play the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" in the background.

MACE: I would tell you, anyone who's sitting in solitary confinement or sitting in jail, regardless of their political affiliation, if they feel like their civil rights have been violated, then we, as members of Congress, should help them. And this is something that I have worked on a lot over the years and something that I respect.

I was the ranking member on the Civil Rights Committee on oversight with Jamie Raskin last year. That's something that we should all care about, the constitutional rights of citizens of this country.

Marjorie Taylor Greene and her sedition caucus don't give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut about the "constitutional rights" of US citizens, especially if they're queer. She is instead providing aid and comfort to Donald Trump's violent supporters.

It was especially amusing to see Mace describe herself as "one of the few Republicans in the House who defeated the former president in a primary last year." That's true but she started lying on her dismount: "I went on to win my re-election in a purple district resoundingly."

Sure, Mace curbstomped Democrat Annie Andrews but not because she's some wonder candidate. According to the Post and Courier, her electoral dominance can in large part "be explained by the map of the new district itself, which GOP state lawmakers retooled and redrew to be more Republican in 2021 after the seat ceased to be a reliably safe bet for their party after 2018, when a Democrat won it for the first time in nearly 40 years."

Mace could still lose her next primary, so she's treading lightly in the MAGA-sphere. She admits that there was "violence" on January 6, though she wishes "both sides" would stop obsessing over a little bloody insurrection. She'd have also preferred if House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had turned over January 6 footage to all media outlets and not just to the Republican's state propaganda outlet, Fox News. But what are you gonna do?

"It was a dark day in our history," she said, "but so too was the summer of 2020." Summer is more than just a day, and cities weren't on fire for weeks straight, despite the rightwing narrative.

Mace whined, "We saw very few arrests when there were attacks by an organization, members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter."

Antifa is not an organization. Black Lives Matter protesters were overwhelmingly peaceful. I'm not sure what Ms. Civil Rights Activist considers a "few arrests," but according to a June 22, 2020, article from the Washington Post, police had arrested more than 14,000 people across 49 cities since May 27. The Hill reported that 17,000 arrests were made in just the first two weeks of protests. The actual number is probably closer to a "lot" than "few."

Most of the protesters weren't booked for violent crimes — like, you know, beating up cops while breaking into the Capitol — but for low-level offenses such as violating curfews. People were arrested for obstructing roadways, carrying open containers, as well as “failure to disperse.”

"I had my house spray-painted two summers ago," Mace lamented, "and no one's been held to account for that."

Unfortunately, Mace lives in the "anarchist jurisdiction" of Daniel Island, an affluent Charleston suburb, in Democratic-stronghold South Carolina with all its lax, woke DAs who won't prosecute crimes, even ones that totally, for real, actually happened.

Mace is stuck in the Mike Pence position where she won't fully embrace extreme MAGA positions, which have become the party's mainstream positions, while still desperately trying to remain in good standing with the Republican base. It's a losing proposition but Mace is game. She still has some dignity to surrender.

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