Oh, don't mind me, Donald, I'll be along eventually...

Depending on which sources you're reading, the Obamas were quite gracious or incredibly rude to the Trumps while greeting them for the traditional coffee prior to going off to the Inauguration on Friday. (Because Michelle looked briefly to one side after Melania Trump handed her a gift in a Tiffany's box -- either cruel disgusted side-eye or, like, looking for an aide to hand it to, since Barack was choreographing the two couples to stand together. Besides, isn't grabbing a handful of box usually Donald Trump's thing?) We're going to go with "quite gracious," especially considering you pretty much have Donald Trump bounding out of the SUV to shake the hand of the guy he's evicting, and Melania bringing up the rear, forgotten, and then Trump heading into the White House ahead of all three of the unnecessary hangers-on:

And yes, the gift hand-off is a bit awkward, so let's read as much into it as possible, never mind Michelle leaning in for a friendly hug before taking the gift. Is this the contemptuous throwing of shade or the acknowledgement that we are in a sort of awkward arrangement where something has to happen with this box while we do the photo op, and oops, we didn't plan for this? YOU BE THE JUDGE!


So after the pictures, it's time to go in to coffee, and off goes Donald, who seems to have forgotten, again, that lady who was riding around in the SUV with him. She seemed familiar somehow.

Fortunately, the Obamas were there to welcome with the forgotten wife:

Maybe Donald simply bounded forward to hold the door for the ladies!

But was Donald just being chivalrous? Roll 212!

We see Barack Obama gesture to Trump to move him inside, and Donald heads off to the portal without Melania -- back, and to the left, back, and to the left! -- but waits for the ladies to come along. Chivalry or narcissism? We're going with not really thinking things through, plus narcissism, but we'll admit we may be biased.

Thank Crom we have a 24-hour hews cycle to parse these moments. At least the Trumps looked happy when they were having lunch:

Also, your historical note: When Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower rode together from the White House to the Capitol for Eisenhower's inauguration, Ike waited in the open limo rather than go in for coffee, and then angrily asked Truman why he'd gone and released Eisenhower's son from duty at West Point to attend the inauguration. Ike was furious at the breach of military discipline. Yeesh, these kids.

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Is there ANY good news for the bumblefucking Trump re-election campaign these days? Their polling numbers are in the shitter, therefore Trump is firing the pollsters. Trump's Hitler rally kickoff event in Florida last night was ... whatever it was. Oh, and did we mention that they ain't got no money? Like, of course, not counting whatever Russian money they're not telling us about.

Don Jr. recently called a prominent donor and warned that Trump's money haul is falling behind where Barack Obama was early in his reelection, while Jared Kushner has privately complained to RNC chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel that Trump's war chest is not as big as it should be at this point in the cycle.

Whiiiiiiiiiine. Guess they're gonna have to see if they can launder some rubles somewhere, ALLEGEDLY.

Gabe Sherman has some more bad news about Trump's shithole campaign, and it is that Robert and Rebekah Mercer, the father-daughter billionaire duo who bankrolled much of Trump's "victory" in 2016 -- including funding Breitbart, and also the part of the "victory" that comprised Cambridge Analytica, the data company they owned that may have done some real hinky stuff, possibly with Russia, in order to get Trump "elected" -- have zipped up their checkbooks and decided Trump can go eat dicks for all they care.

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