Clever Gay-Hating Bigot Children Hang Nooses, Offer To Lynch Gay Kids. For Jesus.

Students at McGuffey High School in Claysville, Pennsylvania -- not far from Pittsburgh, but far enough away that they are in the "Alabama" section of the state -- have had it with having to live in a world where LGBT also live and make a point, one day a year, about how they do not want to be bullied (and worse) by their classmates, for being gay. So in response to the high school's annual Day Of Silence, the Not Gay kids decided to hold "anti-gay" days on Thursday and Friday, where they all got to dress up as lesbiansas bears in flannel shirts, and they wrote "anti-gay" on their hands, and, according to openly bisexual student Zoe Johnson, made a list of gay kids to hang, as kids do:

Johnson said some of the students uploaded Bible verses to Instagram and tagged out gay classmates. She also said some students began circulating a “lynch list” of students who had participated in the Day of Silence and that a noose was tied to a flag in one teacher’s classroom.

Wow, wonder where they got that lynching imagery from! It's like rural Pennsylvania really IS like Alabama! We bet they learned it from their parents, who probably have Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs!

Johnson also said the bullies, in their flannel gay bear cosplay costumes, pushed kids and put anti-gay posters on gay students' lockers. They sound nice! And they're going to keep being nice, because they are reportedly wearing special clothes every single day THIS week, to help their gay-bashing along. It's almost like they're having a theme party, every day, which is Not Gay At All!

Are there pictures of these little shits? Of course there are pictures, teenagers are nothing if not social media whores. BuzzFeed has collected several shots of kids wearing their little anti-gay costumes, like this one:

Awww, yeah, bro, let's do Red Day, and then, like, REVERSE DAY, yeah, the dudes can all wear dresses, that'll show those faggots and like, uh ... SUPERHERO DAY, we can all wear tights and show those queers what a real dick looks like! Jesus. These people are probably not going to succeed in life.

Students who participated in the Day Of Silence alerted school board members at a Thursday night meeting and said they were very supportive and helpful. School superintendent Erica Kolat also released a statement to Gawker, promising an "ongoing investigation," and noting that they have not yet seen the supposed "lynch list" (which probably means nobody has ratted on the fuckwits who made it -- somebody rat on them, Jesus!), but that they're on it. We hope they actually are on it, and aren't just hoping this goes away, because McGuffey High, you've got some problem kids on your hands!

Also, thank goodness, the LGBT kids of McGuffey High aren't completely alone. A protest was held Monday morning to let kids, the community (and now, the country, because this story is going viral) that hey, not everybody sucks like these dickbreathed goons who are currently holding meetings to pick out new costumes every day, to show everybody how Not Gay they are. They held nice signs that said things like "It gets better!" and "Grown-ups for decency" and "Don't worry, those flannel-clad apes will probably die of meth poisoning within just a few years!" (Just kidding, Wonkette made up that last slogan, as a joke!)

Stay strong, good LGBT kiddos of McGuffey High School. Yr Wonkette loves you, and high school will be over soon, we promise. (For you guys, at least. It might last a few extra years for the guys wearing flannel.) If you need any help fighting back, may we direct you toward Wonkette pal Dan Savage's suggestion, that you print out and distribute this little science study that shows that dudes who are homophobic tend to get secret boners when they think about sexing up their dude friends. Hey, it's mean as fuck, but it's nowhere near as mean as threatening to LYNCH PEOPLE.

[WPXI/BuzzFeed viaGawker]

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