'Clinton Cash' Author Worries Clinton Mafia Will Murder Him, Like How They Always Do

Peter Schweizer, whose book-shaped object Clinton Cash has apparently set some kind of record for Most Debunkings Before Actual Publication, is doing his darndest to keep hyping the thing, which finally slouches into bookstores today. On Monday's edition of Dana Loesch's stupid radio show, Loesch asked Schweizer if he's worried that he'll be murdered, just like everyone else who's dared to oppose the Clintons (with the exception of the entire Republican House and Senate membership during Bill Clinton's two terms, of course).

Loesch started off by talking about the terror attack in Garland Texas, then smoothly transitioned to the interview with Schweizer, noting that the only reason the anti-Islam event avoided tragedy was by having heavy security, and then pivoting to Schweizer -- hey, you know who else needs additional security because crazed killers are out to get him? This hero!

I was reading the other day that Peter Schweizer who, the author who joins us by phone right now, was very smart and ended up getting himself security ... I know you don't want to talk too much about it, but there is that, there is always that concern for anyone who goes up against the Clinton machine that they could be Vince Fostered, and I'm sure that that was something that you took into consideration.

It's so true! The pile of corpses that wingnuts are sure surrounds the Clintons is almost endless, although for some reason it mostly seems to consist not so much of political opponents as just anyone who ever died of any cause after having a remote link to the Clintons. Our favorite was always poor Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, whom the Clintons for some reason shot through the head and then put on a plane that crashed in Croatia, killing all 35 aboard. We never quite figured out how the Clintons smuggled an assassin aboard the plane and then made it fly into a mountain during a snowstorm, but they're just that devious.

Schweizer graciously thanked Loesch for her concerns, and acknowledged that when you say anything against the Clintons, you run the risk of dying, because that comes with the territory:

I mean look -- there are security concerns that arise in these kinds of situations. You know, you don't like to go into too much detail, there were some things that were going on that we felt needed to be addressed. The decision on security wasn't actually made by me, it was made by board members of Government Accountability Institute, and you know, it's I think showing an abundance of caution. The reality is we've touched on a major nerve within the Clinton camp. They are very, very upset, and they are pulling out all the stops to attack me in an effort to kill this book off.

Again, the threats have just been nonstop, if by "threats" you mean "fact checking" and pointing out that Schweizer is a rightwing hack who's got just a few credibility problems; Media Matters compiled a list of more than 20 "errors, fabrications, and distortions in the book," which, if you think about it, is another kind of body count, really. A body count of lies!

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In fact, the Clintons have been so relentless in their threats against the book, that they've even recruited Schweizer himself, as he admits in the book that he can't prove much of what he claims. Those Clintons probably have access to some kind of mind-control rays that made him attack his own credibility; we can't rule out chemtrails. And once the book is remaindered, that'll be like a whole 'nother murder, too.

[Media Matters / Snopes.com]

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