Cliven Bundy Quits Republicans, Joins Forces With Someone Even More Untethered To Reality

Those sensitive to such things may have sensed a great disturbance in the Loonosphere over the weekend, asCliven Bundy left the Republican Party and signed up with the Independent American Party of Nevada, the local version of the rightwing Constitution Party. And why does this matter? It is not insignificant, because Cliven's new party is also the home of the awesomely batshit David Lory VanDerBeek, who we profiled a while back when he was predicting civil war and expecting Obama to come and kill him. Mr. VanDerBeek (motto: "I don't put spaces between the three chunks of my last name") is still out there -- way out there -- being a Sandy Hook Truther and running a can't-lose candidacy for Nevada Governor. Why can't he lose? His campaign website assures us that he "has the support of the entire USA and around the world in restoring Constitutional law, natural rights, the rule of law, and freedom in all choices." We didn't know the rest of the world was so interested in restoring Constitutional law, but we can sometimes be a little parochial in our outlook. With VanDerBeek and Bundy together, Nevada can't help but become a little more interesting.

So what does this new alliance of lunacy mean for the world? Very little, in practical terms, but at the least, it should result in at least a few Wonkette stories between now and November. Since VanDerBeek is in his own little party, his reign of weird won't be ended with a defeat in a major-party primary, so we'll have him and his new acolyte all summer long.

And if it weren't for Bundy's heroic move to the American Independent Party of Nevada (which Wikipedia informs us should not be confused with the national "American Independent Party," because the two organizations are totally different flavors of crazy paleoconservative), we never would have known about Mr. VanDerBeek's brilliant debate video from April, in which the gibbering loon "debates" a cardboard cut-out of Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval -- or as VanDerBeek corrects, the "Socialist Democrat candidate" -- while a rooster crows every five seconds or so. Thanks, RawStory! We'll embed the video, which really has to be seen to be believed, but you're under no obligation to watch the whole thing.

A high point, at the 2:20 mark -- VanDerBeek cites the National Report as evidence that Harry Reid was out to seize Cliven Bundy's land that didn't belong to him anyway. National Report is, of course, the non-funny fake news site that exists solely for the purpose of getting its made up stories mistaken for news, to prove that people are gullible.

Also, at about ten minutes in, a dog starts growling and barking, making a far more logical point than anything the candidate is saying. And don't miss the hilarious joke at 12:20 when VanDerBeek makes a joke about Gov. Sandoval wearing adult diapers. This guy just might be ready for prime time.

The main thing that makes these guys perfect for each other? Mr. VanDerBeek also rejects the authority of the federal government, and insists it can't own land. Besides, he insists, Bundy has the right idea about How Government Works:

"The fundamental legal question is, what government should he be accountable to?” Van Der Beek asked a cardboard cutout of the governor. “His legal argument is that he should be accountable to his county government, not the federal government.”

It's just so obvious when you think about it!

We'll keep you updated on the new adventures of Cliven Bundy and David Lory VanDerBeek as they continue their march toward freedom, revolution, or utter irrelevance.


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