Clutch Your Breast And Weep Salty Tears For The NRA Divorce
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Pour one out for Dana Loesch, you guys, but make sure not to get any of that Superbeets on the carpet, because that shit stains like crazy. Looks like NRATV may be about to get the axe, which means no more $1 million salary for Loesch to make videos watched by a whole ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE each. Sad!

Whatever will our nation do when we can no longer tune in to see Dana Loesch put a Klan hood on a toy train to protest multiculturalism? Will the Second Amendment go limp without someone to stroke its constant rage boner while inveighing against socialized medicine and "media elites"? How have we reached such a sad pass?

Well, of course, it all starts with money. Specifically, the NRA's sudden realization, first revealed by the New Yorker, that the New York Attorney General was not joking about forcing the NRA and its charitable foundation to tell the truth about how it was spending its hundred of millions of dollars in annual revenue. Particularly when that funding was being spent in "related party transactions," that is, for the benefit of a person or entity related to a board member. Why it never occurred to the NRA that they needed to comply with federal and state law by disclosing the millions of dollars in business with board members is a mystery for another day. The fact of the matter is last summer the leadership had a come to White Jesus moment -- after which, they set about righting their books.

The largest single recipient of NRA largesse was advertising firm Ackerman McQueen (AMc), which netted $40 million in gunbux last year alone. AMc produces NRATV and cuts checks to its on-air "talent" including Loesch and Oliver North. (Yes, of course "that Oliver North.") In fact, North alleges that NRA chief Wayne LaPierre arranged North's contract with AMc after North quit his job at Fox to become president of the NRA -- an unpaid gig -- in 2017. Nevertheless, when the NRA came asking for details of North's contract with the advertising company, information which clearly had to be disclosed to the IRS as a related party transaction, AMc refused, sparking an avalanche of litigation and recrimination that threatens to bring down the entire enterprise.


Briefly, the NRA sued AMc for North's contract details and North responded by calling up the NRA and telling them to ditch Wayne and drop the lawsuit or else he'd spill the beans about all the gun organization's financial shenanigans. Allegedly. The NRA responded by dumping North for Your Confederate Granny, only to have all North's documents mysteriously wind up published online. So now the world knows about Wayne's extravagant clothing and travel spending, which they managed to keep off the NRA's books by charging it to an AMc credit card. We also know that the NRA spent more than $97,000 on lawyers every single day in 2019. Last week the NRA sued AMc again, this time for breach of contract and fiduciary duty for dumping the internal NRA docs online:

In apparent "off-the-record" exchanges with reporters from multiple media outlets, AMc -- and others with whom it conspired -- cynically leaked selected portions of confidential business records that were curated to convey a misleading, dire picture of the NRA's finances, operations, and expense accounting practices. The bitter, insidious irony is that the records leaked by AMc contain some of the same information the NRA had persistently requested from AMc over the course of many months in an effort to strengthen its own internal controls. When AMc realized it could not hide the information demanded by the Association forever, it maliciously and selectively publicized a subset of its records in a manner designed to suggest improprieties which AMc knew had not actually occurred.

And AMc responded in a heavily redacted countersuit claiming that the NRA was simply seeking a "pretext to harm AMc's reputation and an attempt to provide an unfounded basis for terminating the NRA's contractual obligation's to AMc." Also, the media company would like $100 million please -- $50 million for the NRA's breach of contract, plus $50 million for punitive damages.


AMc is also quitfiring itself, because the NRA are "cowardly peddlers" who don't love guns enough, or something.

Over the last very difficult year, the NRA's chaos led us to lose faith in the organization's willingness to act on behalf of NRA's mission. We implored everyone involved to stay true to the NRA membership. In return, we were attacked in frivolous lawsuits and defamed with made-up stories that were then cowardly peddled to the media.

Safe to say these two assholes are NEVER NEVER NEVER getting back together, which means NRATV is not long for this world. BYE, DANA!

Who needs bullets when you've got discovery? The only thing that stops a bad guy with a lawsuit is a good guy with a lawsuit. Absolutely everyone here is a murderstick-flogging bad guy, but you get the point.

And we didn't even get a chance to talk about the New Yorker's newest revelation that the NRA coincidentally "forgot" to disclose that it made multiple contributions to a Christian summer camp when Wayne LaPierre's wife Susan was chair of the board. LOL, so forgetful when it comes to those related party transactions!


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