We've been feeling so refreshed, now that it's the Biden Years, about how the daily White House Press Briefing is no longer an abusive relationship full of gaslighting and lies. You turn it on, or you walk through the room and it's playing on the TV, and it's fine. Information is being imparted! Jen Psaki, President Biden's White House press secretary, is not a lying asshole! She's actually pretty cool!

And so of course, CNN has stopped carrying it live. Eric Boehlert reported yesterday on his Live Journal Tumblr blog "Press Run" that CNN appears to have decided not to air Psaki's briefing each day anymore, we guess because it's just too boring. Fox News of course doesn't, and MSNBC of course does, but CNN, that lazyass network that many regular people watch because they think it's the one that's the most "in the middle," doesn't seem to think it's worth airing. What a great example CNN is setting for journalism everywhere, said nobody ever at any time.

As we said, Psaki doesn't lie, and Boehlert notes that she "has routinely declined to insert Biden into cultural war debates, refused to castigate reporters, and won't make stuff up in the name of partisan warfare, the way her Republican predecessors did." So we guess it's just not good "If it bleeds it leads!" TV for a network that insisted on employing Kayleigh McEnany to spew her Trump lies before she started earning our tax dollars to do it.

Of course, in a way, this is a return to form. Boehlert links to a Media Matters thing on how obsessed the networks were with covering Sean Spicer's briefings, because of how they were shiny, rage-y and lie-filled. And to be fair, it absolutely was a trainwreck to watch! They didn't do that with briefings from Barack Obama's press secretaries — according to Media Matters's analysis, they hardly covered them at all — and quite frankly, our major memory of those is simply that they existed.

Maybe that worked back then, but it doesn't work now. We can't pretend the past four years of Trump's America didn't happen, because we're going to be trying to repair the damage from them for years to come. America needs to know what the hell is happening at the Biden White House, and the major networks need to help make that happen. Otherwise, we'll all drown in the cacophony of bullshit Fox News tells us is happening at the Biden White House, ceding the narrative yet again to Rupert Murdoch and his evil empire.

Wonkette has decided to carry Jen Psaki's press briefings every day, starting today. They're at different times each day, so you'll just have to watch for the livestream to show up on your internet. Today it starts at noon. Watch it! Learn things! Call bullshit if Psaki starts acting shady! And be grateful that we have nice, real press briefings again, instead of taking them for granted like a common CNN.

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