CO Election Loon Tina Peters Accuses Prosecutors Of Double Murder, NBD

CO Election Loon Tina Peters Accuses Prosecutors Of Double Murder, NBD

Tina Peters hugs My Pillow guy

It's time to check in with everyone's favorite election-denying former elections official, Tina Peters. Peters rose to prominence after appearing at Mike Lindell's Big Lie Cyberfraud Hootenanny claiming to have proof that the Dominion Voting Machines used in Mesa County, Colorado, stole the election for Joe Biden. Never mind that Donald Trump took 62 percent of the vote there, she had video evidence that something hinky went down with those machines.

Unfortunately, the hinkiness turned out to be Peters's own criminality. Womp womp.

See, Peters was working with goons sent by the Overstock weirdo Patrick Byrne to prove that the Big Lie was actually big true. According to prosecutors, Peters and her deputies Belinda Knisley and Sandra Brown hired a contractor named Gerald Woods, got him a county ID, and then gave the ID to an associate of Byrne named Conan Hayes. Hayes, a former surfer who is likely to be catching something besides waves pretty soon, used it to gain access to the county elections office so that he could both image the voting machines and observe a restricted software update by Dominion staff. To help him get into the building, Peters, Knisley, and Brown did stuff like turn off the security cameras and leave the door unlocked. So crafty!

Plus our Tina engaged in an act of aggravated Karen-ism, kicking a cop in a bagel shop after getting caught recording a court proceeding on her iPad.

(As a white lady, I am both appalled and a little impressed. Damn, girl!)

Peters lost her race for Colorado Secretary of State (RIGGED!) and is considering a run for chair of the Colorado Republican Party. But her plans might run into a bit of a sticky wicket, since she's facing two trials in the first week of March on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges arising out of her election hijinks. And to make matters worse, prosecutors have now flipped Knisley and Brown, who took plea deals and agreed to cooperate against their former boss.


On a podcast with local election denier Joe Oltmann, Peters claimed that prosecutors had literally murdered Knisley and Brown's brothers in separate car "accidents" to force them to testify against her.

Here's the dialogue, as reported by the Colorado Times Recorder:

OLTMANN: They charged Belinda Knisley who was your Lieutenant. Super-nice person — probably one of the most— I don’t even know like there’s not even a, there’s not a person I think could be more nice to everyone. But they they charged her and then something happened. She stood up, stood up, stood up, and then her brother was murdered. Is that correct? So hit and run, is that what happened?

PETERS: So this past August her brother who I know, Keith, was killed by hit and run.

OLTMANN: They never found the hit & run driver?

PETERS: Not that I know of, no. Then she took a proffer — agreed to testify against me.

OLTMANN: And they called her right after he was killed?

PETERS: Oh yeah, during that same week. Then a month later, my elections manager —

OLTMANN: Who was also charged.

PETERS: Who was also charged. Her brother was also killed by a hit and run.

OLTMANN: Never found him either. Never found that guy either?

PETERS: Not that I know of. And then she took a proffer and agreed to testify against me. And you know, I told them from the very beginning, I said you know we would have to lie to give them what they want. I said just tell the truth all you have to do is tell the truth but people become afraid you know their their families will say Hey you can just make this go away you can’t make this go away.

In fact, while both Brown and Knisley lost their brothers in car accidents, neither man was killed in a hit and run. Brown's brother actually ran his motorcycle into an SUV, injuring the other driver. Literally none of what Peters and Oltmann said is true, although we suppose Knisley could be a nice person, albeit one who believes a lot of crazy shit.

But Peters is decidedly not a nice person. And neither is Oltmann, who is in the middle of a nasty defamation suit brought by a former Dominion Voting employee who had to go into hiding after the podcaster's lies implicating him in massive vote fraud went viral thanks to Rudy Giuliani.

"I just wanted everyone to understand that it’s not a coincidence. Not a coincidence that both of your people in your office that were charged with you, their brothers were killed in hit and runs," Oltmann went on. "Those hit and run drivers were never recovered. In the same week that happened the DA’s reached out to them to get— This is what the criminal enterprise does. This is what evil does and frankly they know they can’t win unless they cheat, lie, steal, and destroy."

Again: Neither accident featured a hit and run; in both cases the cars involved stayed at the scene, it is all known and documented.

Oltmann then announced that his “Faith, Education and Commerce” organization, AKA FEC United, was launching a jury nullification campaign to ensure Peters's exoneration.

“We’ll be pushing that all over the state of Colorado,” he said. “It gets very technical when you look at the technicalities of what they’re charging Tina with, and so with jury nullification we want people to have the understanding that you can’t abuse the laws in order to take away your right to vote, and then say, ‘oh that’s ok but she shouldn’t have done this.'”

Well, it's not kicking a cop. But engaging in an explicit public campaign to taint the jury pool, confident that you're not going to find yourself locked up for contempt of court or slapped with a gag order is some extremely Privileged White Lady shit. She better hope it works, because otherwise jail is going to be one hell of a rude awakening.

[Colorado Times Recorder]

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