College Students Get Parents To Buy Mitch Daniels Ad


Here is your first television ad of the Republican primaries! "Students for Daniels," based at Yale, has bought airtime in southern Iowa during this weekend's Pro Bowl for this ad about how Obama victimizes dumb blonde coeds looking for a wealthy older man. It would be a fool-proof plan to get Mitch Daniels elected, if anyone ever watched the Pro Bowl.

The girl who looks like Cindy McCain and stars in this video as a whip-smart college student frugally collecting rainwater in a cup to drink later is apparently a Yale undergrad herself, despite appearing to be slightly older than Cindy McCain.

Running the ad on KSDM-TV in Iowa during the game this weekend cost $1,250, a price Eden said was paid for by members of the group "and a couple of our relatives."

In other words, it was paid for by their parents and the "pocket money" their parents provide them.

"At this point I've spent a lot of my time trying to get him in, so yeah, I bet that he's in," Eden said.

Ah, youth. If you spend five minutes a week this semester on each of your various extracurricular activities, change will happen for all of those causes. Nothing is futile!




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