A Texas high school teacher has been shitcanned for a series of tweets in which she implored Donald Trump to please come rid Fort Worth and its school system of "Illegals." The longtime teacher, Georgia Clark, complained on Twitter, "Mr. President, Fort Worth Independent School District is loaded with illegal students from Mexico," and asked for help, please: "Anything you can do to remove the illegals from Fort Worth would be greatly appreciated."

Instead, in a school board meeting Tuesday evening, Clark was removed from her job, with cause, because darned if the board members wanted a great big racist teaching kids in a city where a third of the population is Hispanic.

Clark insisted she had no idea her tweets were public, because after all she addressed them very directly to Donald Trump. We suppose that would be an additional reason to fire her, but it's not like she was teaching computer science. Here are some of the tweets from her now-deleted account (we've rearranged them to eliminate duplicate images). We like the part where she included her phone numbers -- both of which Buzzfeed notes have since been disconnected.


Clark could have done herself a favor by educating herself a wee bit about federal law, as the Washington Post points out;

The Supreme Court ruled in Plyler v. Doe that public schools are required to provide schooling for children regardless of their immigration status. Schools cannot ask students about their immigration status or report them or family members to federal immigration authorities.

Then again, mere Supreme Court decisions mean nothing these days, especially if you're really mad about illegals.

CNN notes that Clark was also investigated for allegedly making other racist comments the same day as her initial cri de coeur to the dogwhistler-in-chief:

A statement given to school officials by unnamed students claims Clark said after a lesson that Mexicans should not enter the United States illegally.

When a student asked to go to the bathroom afterward, Clark allegedly said, "show me your papers that are saying you are legal."

Clark responded to the accusations in the memo denying ever making any statement on anyone's immigration status and said the student didn't have a "planner" needed to leave the classroom.

But wait! There's more! WaPo points out that in 2007, "Clark kicked a student [..] though an investigation determined it was 'without malice.'" It was more of a playful, loving kick, we guess -- that, or she just kicked all students equally. CNN also reports other fun highlights of Clark's stellar teaching career:

Clark was suspended without pay, and reassigned, in 2013, acccording to information received in the open records request. That was because she called a group of students working together and speaking Spanish, "Little Mexico," and she referred to another student as "white bread."

In that same disciplinary report, Clark also allegedly made her students do an activity in which she separated her students by their race and told the "Mexicans" to cross the border to the other side of the classroom.

The district refused to comment, or confirm, on the previous incident and told CNN to file an open records request for more information.

Nice to see the school board was willing to get rid of a bad apple but the district wasn't about to let anyone look too closely at the worms. Clark has 15 days from the firing to appeal, and her attorney says she intends to do just that, but the Law & Crime blog 'splainers that's not likely to be an easy task. As a state employee, Clark doesn't have an absolute right to racist speech in public, since calling for a purge of "illegals" and insisting the Mexican kids hate America (not to mention her apparent assumption that "Mexican" = illegal") don't exactly inspire any confidence she'll treat students equally. 14th Amendment and all that.

Still, maybe she can fail upwards to Trump's Department of Education, which has decided there's no discrimination in schools because it's not investigating school discrimination anymore.

Yr Wonkette has to confess a bit of surprise, since your high school English teachers tend to be such radicals that the Moral Majority used to warn kiddies never to confide in English teachers, or social studies teachers either, because they're all dangerous libs. (Yay, my undergraduate major and minor!)

Usually Texas parents get het up about English teachers telling kids poverty exists, or letting students do journamalism about guns, or about rampant gayness and/or demonic books in the liberry. But perhaps Texas has some weird affirmative action scheme to hire useless fuckwad teachers who love taunting minority students or at least asking them to list the "pros and cons" of slavery.

Truly, it is a sociology dissertation just waiting to be written.

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