Confederate Flag Genius Takes Ice Bucket Challenge, Lights Self On Fire Like Buddhist Monk (Video)


Update: Original video was pulled by user, but we've found a copy. Here is a gentleman attempting a super cool variation on the ALS Association's ice-bucket challenge. Clearly, just holding a bigass Confederate flag (yeah, yeah, "battle flag," shut up) while wearing a U.S.-flag-print vest wasn't enough for Cletus here, so he figured he should add some liquor and set his head on fire, and then the fire would be doused by the bucket of ice water for an awesome cool visual. Except he didn't do a test run to see if whatever accelerant he sloshed onto his hat would actually be extinguished by water, because science is bad for you, probably. Happily, his friend at least remembered something about stop drop and roll, so tragedy was avoided.

Unlike the famous "guy rides a flag-bedecked ATV and shoots guns to celebrate the death of bin Laden" video, this does not appear to be a parody, but god only knows. Maybe the guy thought it would look great in his audition reel for Famous Stuntman School?

All in all, we think Patrick Stewart has already posted the ultimate video on this topic, and so we present it here:

We could watch that man write checks all day.

[YouTube via Gawker]

Doktor Zoom

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