Rick Scott is a terrible corrupt fraud of a man who parlayed the largest Medicare fraud in history into the governorship of Florida. So, you know, typical Florida.

This week, though, he started to get a little heat when it was revealed that nearly a dozen grannies and pawpaws died of the heat in a Florida nursing home (whose electricity was knocked out by Hurricane Irma -- while their caretakers had left SOS emergency messages on Rick Scott's personal cell phone. Messages that were later deleted.

So it's funny -- funny weird, not funny Wonkette -- that Rick Scott's director of Emergency Management has chosen now to take an opportunity in the private sector. And that his replacement as director of Emergency Management is a 29-year-old former campaign travel aide, who has more than a year's experience as the last director's chief of staff. What else has young master Wes Maul got on the old CV?

According to Maul’s application with the state, while he was in law school he worked for three years at Barbri Inc. as a “student rep for a review course,” spent six months doing legal writing and electronic discovery in UF’s Office of General Counsel and worked for three months as a “summer associate” at Mezzanine Fund. He does not have any prior emergency management experience. Maul’s LinkedIn page also shows he worked for one year at Mattress Town of Gainesville before graduating from law school.

No International Arabian Horse Association? Is that even LEGAL?

Rest easy, Florida, we're sure you'll be fine. We recommend bath salts and nudity.


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Rebecca Schoenkopf

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