Congratulations, Deport-The-Kids Patriots! Kids Returned To Honduras, Killed.

Some inspiring news for the deport-everyone-immediately crowd today: According to a Los Angeles Times report, "at least five, and as many as 10, of the 42 children" who have been killed in criminal violence in Honduras since February had been deported from the United States, according to the manager of a city morgue in San Pedro Sula. Not that anyone could have seen that coming, except for the human rights workers who warned that it was likely to happen.

You might remember the nice lady in the top photo, who stood at a protest in Murrieta, California, in her American-flag top, and chanted "Not our kids! Not our problem!" Rachel Maddow was astonished by her. Jon Stewart was astonished by her. We know nothing about her at all, except that she had her moment on the news and probably found it very, very exciting. We wonder if she reads the Los Angeles Times. Probably not -- too much liberal bias. Besides, this is our country, and we don't owe anything to a lot of dirty diseased children who are flooding over our borders like vermin, hoping to become registered Democrats, haw-haw-haw.

Best to put them on a plane and send them back. Sure, they may end up dead, but they can still vote Democrat, haw-haw-haw.

But really, they're their own lookout. No less an authority than Man of God Bryan Fischer has explained that God instituted borders between nations, and therefore allowing a bunch of Honduran children across ours all willy-nilly would be an offense to the Almighty. Look, just because their families don't want them to die in a nation with the world's highest murder rate doesn't mean we owe them anything. Send them home, and maybe they should try praying some, maybe.

The LA Times also spoke to the cousin of a teenaged boy who was shot to death just hours after arriving back in San Pedro Sula on one of our deportation flights.

He said his cousin had left for Los Angeles after his family received several threats from the Barrio 18 gang. His mother and sister moved to a different neighborhood while the boy headed for the U.S. They simply abandoned their house in Chamelecon, one of the city's roughest areas.

But then he was deported, and now he's dead, and he's not our problem either.

What we really need to do, of course, is fast-track the deportations and beef up border security, because these are not our kids, and you never know how many al Qaeda members might be sneaking in and leaving their prayer rugs at the border. Hey, we bet James O'Keefe could make a real funny video about kids being murdered after they're deported!

We'd like to know if Alejandro, the hopeful-terrified boy in the lower photo up top, who bravely handed his birth certificate to the ICE agent at the border, ever found his parents. We sure hope he did, and we sure hope his parents can find a good lawyer, because Alejandro is not our kid. Alejandro is not our problem.

[LAT via ThinkProgress]

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