Congratulations, Your 'I'm With Mitt' Photos Are Shameful Filth


Whoops, it turns out that when you wheedle your Editrix into doing a Wonkette contest she expects you to judge the contest! What a meanie. Because your Comics Curmudgeon does not like saying no to people or making them feel bad! And lots of you submitted funny Mitt Romney I'm With Mitt Instagram iPhone Photos Of Hilarity, and we would love to showcase them all but there were too many so we picked seven. One was from heroine reader "MissTaken," showing that birth control is a liberal lie because she used all those ABORTION TOOLS in the picture but still ended up a Mom For Mitt anyway. What are the other six pictures, and will any of them feature testicles? Find out after the jump! (SPOILER: Yes, of course there will be testicles.)

Faithful reader "Selfish T" wants to know why Barack Obama won't robustly defend America's exceptional role as the #1 consumer of frozen microwaveable single-serving tubes of chemical food-style substances. Where else do you think you'd find a vision of plenty like this, in France?

We don't want to give too much away about our judging criteria for photo contests, but we'll put up pretty much anything with Nazi furries in it, like this business from national treasure "Christopher".

Because great minds think alike (about pooping), we got two different pictures that people took while sitting on the toilet. We like the idea of pooping being a job that Mitt Romney will be doing on his first day of office, like faithful reader "meltons" suggests, but you can see that he's wearing his underwear in this photo. Toilet expert "Robert" framed his photo more artfully, but no shoes worn by Mitt Romney would ever get so dirty. Sorry, you both lose.

Does this picture from sexy bathtub auteur "Sarah" make you feel funny inside? Just drop us a line and we'll send you the link to our pay site, where we've put the extra "B-side" photos she sent where America isn't centered just so.

But in the end, it was pretty obvious that we were going to pick the one that prominently featured a dog's junk, so here is your winner. Congratulations, "Shay"! You get only a public shaming, as is Wonkette law.


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