Connecticut Rep. To Gabby Giffords: Newtown Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us

Connecticut Rep. To Gabby Giffords: Newtown Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us

(Above: Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords Politicizes the Pledge Of Allegiance)

Connecticut state representative (and Assistant Republican Leader) DebraLee Hovey simply did not care for former Congresswoman/current private citizen Gabby Giffords swanning into HER towns (plural) to be all POLITICAL by meeting privately and sans press with the grieving families of Newtown as though she had some sort of unique perspective and/or ability to understand what the families were going through when everybody knows the truth is that Giffords is Pol Pot plus Obama times 9! Why, Hovey did not care for it so much that she took time out from her busy Palm Beach "St. Pete Beach" vacation to put it on her Myface page!

Later, she seems to have been defending herself from people telling her to stuff it up her fat ass, with this smart take:

As some hardy souls tried to explain in the benighted comments, it is POSSIBLE that Senator Richard Blumenthal and Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman might have had reason to want to visit their constituents and also to say hey to Giffords without there being a "political" angle. Like, Gabby Giffords is kind of a hero to a lot of people (though, sure, mostly Democrats, because obviously Republicans are even dicks about that) for walking and talking and being really brave and not being dead after getting shot in the brain.

Unfortunately, Hovey's little snip fit seems really blatantly to stem from the fact that she wasn't invited -- "ALL political types KNOW it is courteous to let Reps. know when a political is in their District" -- but, again, "St. Pete Beach," and also probably no one wanted you there because of how you are too cunty.

Hovey later apologized "if" anyone was offended, and explained that she was just trying to guard the Newtown families' privacy by being all shitty that she wasn't invited.

[HartfordCourant, via TPM and Wonket operative "Lisa Z"]

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