Conservative Nutjob Dennis Prager Sexually Assaults His Wife, So What's The Big Deal?

Damn those feminists and their lies about "rape" and "sexual assault" and the "war on women" and other "things" Democrats say just to get people to vote for them. Because we all know that "hey, did you know rape is a thing?" is a winning election strategy, which is why feminists rule the country.

Conservative radio host Dennis Prager -- who also has a problem with the REAL war on tobacco, as well as the REAL thought-criming war on Donald Sterling's right to racist as hard as he wants, and the REAL war on the Washington Sporstball Team and the REAL war on letting kids go to bed hungry because freedom -- shared his insights at the Sarasota Republican Party's rally for Florida Gov. Rick Skeletor Scott. The Scott campaign was not in any way associated with this rally, and we look forward to the governor immediately condemning these comments, with which he was in no way associated and with which he undoubtedly disagrees, sometime around never.

Here's how Prager derpslained the completely NOT REAL culture of rape, which is not real.

“It’s a gargantuan lie to get votes. It’s as big a lie as the culture of rape on your campuses. What nonsense. There is a culture of rape on campuses run by the feminist left?

What do you cite to sell me this nonsense? One in 5 women are sexually assaulted on campuses. Do you know what sexual assault means? Did you ever look at what counts? An unwanted kiss is considered sexual assault. I’m stunned it's only 1 in 5. Four out of five women have not gotten an unwanted kiss? My wife gets unwanted kisses every so often.


Ha ha ha, good one, Dennis! If you sexually assault your wife and she doesn't seem to mind, that proves that all those women who say they do mind are totally lying just to get out the vote. And probably also to cash in on those fantastic rape victim perks George Will can't stop talking about. (But shut up, it's not like George Will doesn't care about "real rape.")

The real issue, says Prager, is that these fakers are undermining the sanctity of legitimate rape, aka real rape, aka honest rape, aka rape that conservative men are reluctantly willing to concede is maybe sometimes a bad thing.

They make light of rape because they redefine these terms. We don’t make light of it. We think it is the worst thing possible short of murder. But they make light of it by trivializing it. Culture of Rape? No. I’ll tell you why it exists on the campus, and that is: a rape of the culture.

Stop raping the culture, you feminists!

When you think about it, Dennis Prager's the real feminist. If only those dumb ladies who can't take an unwanted kiss now and again, like his hero wife, would shut up and stop complaining, we'd understand there is no rape epidemic at all. And then maybe Democrat feminists would stop talking about it, and then conservative truth-tellers like Dennis Prager wouldn't have to constantly stick their feet in their own mouths just to prove how this "war on women" thing isn't even a thing at all.

[Herald Tribune via Salon]


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