Conspiracy Theorists Claim Not-Dead Reporter Died On Air From COVID Vaccine

Conspiracy theories
Conspiracy Theorists Claim Not-Dead Reporter Died On Air From COVID Vaccine

Of all the messed up things the anti-vaxxers, COVID conspiracists and QAnon people have done, one of the cruelest has been their obsession the past few years with finding obituaries of people who died from heart issues, or whose obituaries say they "died suddenly," and harassing their loved ones by baselessly claiming those people died from complications of the COVID vaccine, often accusing them of covering it up. It's absolutely evil.

Now that Elon Musk has taken over Twitter, it appears to have gotten a lot worse. The night before Christmas, a user calling herself "My Hero Q" posted a video of CNA reporter Julie Yoo collapsing on air, along with the caption "How many on air vax deaths before people who are vaxxed realize their situation? When they cut back to the news reporter the look on her face says she was just told to not say a word..."

Image of tweet from 'My Hero Q' featuring a picture of reporter Julie Yoo

The answer to that question is "zero." Julie Yoo is very much alive and fainted on air back in November due to low blood sugar and dehydration.

This woman didn't know anything about Julie Yoo's collapse, she didn't know if Yoo had been vaccinated or not, and she definitely did not know what the other anchor was "told" to do in response to an obviously awkward situation. She literally just made up an entire storyline that fit her agenda.

The tweet was viewed 43.3K times (which is why I'm not linking to it) and retweeted 214 times, and while most of the responses pointed out that Yoo was in fact alive and had merely fainted, the quote tweets show lots of people going right along with what "My Hero Q" said. It's almost as if they are not quite as great at doing their own research as they claim to be.

Anti-vaxxers have been using Yoo's on-air collapse as fodder since the beginning of November, but it appears this is the first time someone has claimed she actually died.

In the tweet following this claim, "My Hero Q" took a picture of a 14-year-old kid who died from suicide back in July and claimed that he, too, had died of the COVID vaccine, because a headline about his death said that he "died suddenly."

"I sent out over 20 tweets in the last week and a half about Children who #DiedSuddendly, [sic]" she tweeted. "Also video of everyday people, reporters & professional athletes dying or cannot compete anymore for unknown reasons. This is the last picture I am sending of a Child, so beautiful"

Yes, so beautiful that she can't be bothered to actually look up why he died.

This isn't just about one random woman's tweet. "My Hero Q" only has about 1,400 followers, and yet her tweets managed to reach over 40,000 people, many of whom clearly took her at her word. That's a pretty massive reach for such a small account. New Twitter is not just allowing misinformation, it sure seems like it's boosting it.

Tweets that discourage people from getting a life-saving vaccine, that say living people are dead, and that retraumatize grieving families to further the world's stupidest agenda are not harmless. They hurt people and put them in actual danger. That "news" made up by some random QAnon devotee on Twitter is pretty much being presented on equal footing as actual, non-hypothetical news is also not harmless. People ought to be able to tell the difference between The Washington Post and Weekly World News, and pretty soon that is not going to be so easy, what with Elon Musk's plan to take blue checks away from journalists and bestow them upon anyone willing to pay eight dollars a month, including people like this.

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