Contraceptive-Based Mass Murder of American Poors Nearing Completion

Good news, everyone: free birth control will be rolling out across America to axe murder the underprivileged in their cardboard shacks while they sleep, very soon. The Institute of Medicinerecommended insurance companies eliminate charges for birth control, a poverty-reducing move that is, did you know, also Machiavellian double speak for "total class genocide." "The Left has figured out a way to eradicate the poor," according to Fox News virus Greg Gutfeld. A bit prosaic, though? Why doesn't the Left just use the government bombing sprees so effective at eliminating poor people in other parts of the world? Oh right, birth control is a much cheaper governmental mass killing strategy, and these are "hard times."

Anyway, no one be surprised to wake up one day and find there are no poor people out there. Think of all the poor people traditions and poverty that will no longer exist if there are no more poor babies born to poor mothers? Think hard about them, they will be gone soon: birth control is already a well-known "preemptive strike tactic" very effective at murdering nonexistent people by the millions.

Here is this Gutfeld idiot's rant, if you can understand the string of words he puts together:

Oh shut up. Rick Santorum is the only one who is even remotely worried about the demise of nonexistent fetuses. Who else is going to save Rick Santorum's flagging presidency? [ThinkProgress]


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