Cool Florida Principal Investigates Straight Teacher For Turning Student Into Lesbian-Gay


Here isan incredibly stupid story for you! A teacher named Juliet Hibbs at Deerfield Beach High School in Broward County, Florida, was standing in her classroom one day, teaching some nonsense or other, who knows. (Because "Florida.") As she stood there, she saw one of her students, an 18-year-old woman, slinking lower and lower in her chair. The student's stepdad had found out she was gay, and was burning up her Twitter feed with doubtless warmhearted messages of love and support. (We all agree that young lady should not have been checking her Twitter during class, correct? Okay, good.)

"As each message came, she got smaller … I watched her get destroyed," Hibbs said, who reported the incident as child abuse and cyberbullying.

Since the young woman was 18, an abuse counselor advised her she did not have to return home. Hmmm, what do we think happened next?

If you had "student's nutjob parents bitch to the principal that Juliet Hibbs turned their daughter lesbo and tried to get her fired," then you win eternal sadness for the rest of the day.

The parents told investigators they were upset that Hibbs had not told them about their daughter's orientation. They accused her of possibly contributing to their daughter being gay and believed Hibbs had told the girl to not come home.

So what did beloved school principal Jon Marlow do? He referred the matter to the district, to investigate whether one of his teachers -- a straight woman -- had turned a student gay.

So who is this beloved principal? Well here he is in June, being adored by a dozen teachers who said they fear for their jobs, because he is a wackjob abusive harasser.

On Tuesday, teachers and staff at Deerfield Beach High School attended a Broward County School Board meeting to complain about their principal, Jon Marlow. "It was very threatening, very hostile," recalled former Deerfield Beach High employee Vanetta Gay.

Another employee said, "It is very hostile."

The school's vice principal Raquel Lipscomb agreed. "I have basically been bullied out of a job," she said.

Lipscomb said she has been vice principal at Deerfield Beach High School for two years. However, now Marlow wants her demoted to a teacher, because Lipscomb said she refused to write up a teacher who, in her opinion, did nothing wrong.

Nearly a dozen employees went before the school board to show their support for Lipscomb and to share their personal stories. One employee told the board, "He initially told me, 'I think you need to find somewhere else to work.'"

Among the disgruntled employees was the school's teacher of the year, who said, "I have been blacklisted and harassed."

According to the Deerfield Beach High employees, since Marlow became the school's principal five years ago, they fear going to work.

Broward Schools employee Wanda Kearney said, "As soon as Jon Marlow stepped on campus, that's when all hell broke loose."

Of course, it probably wasn't just Marlow. Former Deerfield Beach High civics teacher Allen West says that place is so cray-cray he volunteered to go back to Afghanistan.

Hibbs has filed suit with the EEOC.

[Sun-Sentinel, via ThinkProgress / WSVN]

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