Rush Limbaugh Photoshop Reminds You Obama Is a Black Gang Member


Here is a fun photo from the Internet. It's from Rush Limbaugh's website, attached to a transcript of his show, aired yesterday, in which he claimed Barack Obama is a "juvenile delinquent" who is "no more than graffiti on the walls of American history." Did you think Obama was graffiti and the President of the United States -- the guy who orders air strikes on Muslim countries? Nope. Did you think he was graffiti and a guy who had a turkey sandwich for lunch, hold the mayo? Nope, only graffiti. That's all he is. Nothing more. He's very simple. And he's very much messing up the nice mountain God made, that this nation's good white people took away from the Indians to explode into giant visages of some of their favorite white people.

This guy is an utter wrecking ball all by himself on the world stage to the point now of getting embarrassing. This presidency of Obama's, it doesn't take much to irritate the left. Try this: "Barack Obama's presidency is graffiti on the walls of American history." That's what his administration is. No more than graffiti on the walls of American history. We have a juvenile delinquent for a president who has ruined so much public and private property, not even his gang is making much of an effort here to protect him. It's an utter disaster.

Haha, yeah, some people don't like it when you say the leader of their country is a "juvenile delinquent" who is a member of a "gang" that tags everything with "graffiti." Because it sounds kind of offensive, calling a black head of state some kind of thug urchin who lives in an urban area, simply because you don't like him.

It's more creative than that watermelon patch stuff, at least. [Rush Limbaugh via Andrew Sullivan]


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