It's nice to hear a story once in a while about things finally working out for the world's corrupt career politicians, isn't it? Four-time Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards, now 83, was serving an 8-year sentence on bribery and extortion charges when he made a prison pen pal who turned out to be a very attractive blond 32-year-old lady who mysteriously fell in love with him. And now for some reason they are married. Fun history fact: Edwards was convicted on charges from crimes during his final term served in office, which he won in 1991 against KKK Grand Wizard David Duke. The AP article notes that Duke did not win because "business leaders feared Duke's election would be devastating for the state's convention business because of his extremist views." Which is a reminder that somehow David fucking Duke made it onto a GOP gubernatorial ticket as recently as 1991. Jesus. Christ.

Alright, so what about the happy couple?

"People who don't know me don't know what a wonderful, pleasant, modest fellow I am," Edwards said when asked how a man his age managed to land a much-younger wife.

He also told reporters how Grimes, who started writing him letters while he was in prison, visited him there regularly on weekends and holidays in recent years.

"The prison was in love with her - they used to watch her walk across the parking lot," Edwards said, laughing. "They made me the camp hero."

The two have not talked about what prompted her to choose him as a pen pal.



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