Corrupt Socialist Rick Perry Spent $294,000 In Taxpayer Money On 'Family Vacations'


Rick Perry's wife loves nothing more than to get the hell away from Rick Perry and the whole foul state of Texas, which is why she is constantly jetting off to Amsterdam, Madrid and New York. And that costs Texans money, as their state burns and everyone is unemployed and the governor will do nothing but make his corporate rape doctors give cancer sex to teen-aged girls from church. Along with a "family vacation" to the Bahamas apparently taken with Rick (to go to strip clubs), Anita has burned through $294,000 in "security" travel costs paid for with the remaining nickels in the Texas general fund.

From the Houston Chronicle via ThinkProgress:

During the last slash-and-burn legislative session, presidential contender and Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) approved draconian budget cuts for everything from education to Medicare. But one area where he didn’t mind being extravagant with taxpayer money was financing family vacations, tours to promote his book, and campaign events.

The Houston Chronicle reports that Perry used at least $294,000 of Texas taxpayers’ money for numerous personal trips, and has no plans to reimburse the state

When Ron Paul is president of the Republic of Texas, he's gonna stuff the whole Perry family in a Mexican blimp and then use Texas to set it on fire! [Houston Chronicle]


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