Might Be Fake Trump 'Electors' Time In The Barrel

Hooray, the cosplay electors are back! Remember those dipshit weirdos who held ceremonies swearing themselves in and claiming to represent the will of the voters who had just told them to fuck all the way off? And then they sent their crackerjack box "certificates" to the National Archives because SO CLEVER!

Here's Nevada's delegation to the treason olympiad. Incidentally, the goober in the middle with the lavish locks is Michael McDonald, the fash-curious asshole currently wreaking havoc on the state Republican Party.

We covered it at the time, along with the mind-meltingly stupid lawsuit against Vice President Mike Pence filed by Rep. Louie Gohmert (go figure!) to stop him from certifying the election when there were "competing" slates of electors — an argument roughly analogous to insisting that the Kentucky Derby is illegitimate because they don't allow My Little Ponies to compete. Because, once again, the votes had been tabulated in all these states; dozens of court challenges had been heard and tossed out; and these self-important dorks were just wearing their fetish gear outside for kicks.

The fact that Trump dialed up attorney John Eastman's legal fantasy hotline for sexxxxy chats about citing these "alternate" slates of electors as justification for tossing out 18 million votes is of zero actual import. That seed was always gonna get spilt on the ground.

Which is why it didn't make a huge splash in March when American Oversight published the seven bogus, AKA forged, certificates from Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, New Mexico (WTF?), Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. But now that the House January 6 Select Committee is investigating the fake electors gambit as part of a possible conspiracy with the White House to undermine the election, the election LARP-ers are back in the news again.

And with this attention comes added scrutiny. As MSNBC's Rachel Maddow pointed out in a lengthy thread, these fake certifications were clearly all drawn up from the same template.

Here's Arizona's fugazi certificate:

And here's Michigan's:

Clearly that didn't happen by accident. For comparison, here are the realversions on file with the National Archives.

On his Substack, attorney Jay Kuo makes a strong case that government officials who participated in drafting and submitting the fake certificates might be criminally liable. He also makes a plausible argument that you can read a conspiracy into Mark Meadows's texts with Congress and lawyers about the fake electors scheme, as well as efforts by Justice Department lawyer Jeffrey Clark to use them as a pretext to announce non-existent vote fraud investigations in swing states.

Of course any prosecution would involve Attorney General Merrick Garland going all the way out onto an untested limb, and I for one am not holding my breath on that. Perhaps the end game here is to hold public hearings and lay out the fraudulent effort to steal the election for all Americans to see, and indeed CNN suggests that this is the plan.

All of the testimony and information the committee has gathered from these election officials about the pressure campaign will materialize in its first set of hearings, potentially in primetime hours, which is set to debunk the "Big Lie" that the election was stolen. Some of the state election officials that the committee has interviewed in private could even appear as witnesses.

Clearly local election officials who participated in this attempted fraud on the public know that the Select Committee is warming up the klieg lights for them. Check out Arizona Rep. Jake Hoffman getting tag-teamed by reporters Brahm Resnik and Richard Ruelas with questions about how he came to put his name on that phony baloney certificate.


Sometimes you have to make the rules up as you go. But sometimes there are repercussions for those rules, like when you get kicked off of Twitter because you're running a pro-Trump troll farm staffed by teenagers and funded by Charlie Kirk's TPUSA. Or when your political chop shop gets banned from Facebook for violating the platform's rules. Or when you get called an asshole for barfing out a "Navajos for Trump" astroturf campaign.

Anyway, Jake Hoffman doesn't know how he came to be involved with the bogus electors scheme. You'll have to ask Party Chair "Chemtrail" Kelli Ward how his name wound up on that fake-ass certificate. It's a mystery!

Before we close the closet door on these cosplay electors, let's just flag this observation by Politico's Kyle Cheney.

Clearly Pence was well aware of the fake elector problem, and worked with the Senate Parliamentarian in advance to make damn sure that only legit certificates came across that lectern. He wasn't touching those bullshit certificates with a ten-foot pole.

Because you can slap a tiara on your head, but it doesn't make you Queen Elizabeth. And Donald Trump is a FUCKING LOSER.

[The Status Kuo / American Oversight / CNN]

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