Costco Pulls Dinesh D'Souza's D'Book From Shelves Over Poor Sales, Replaces With Wrath Of The Wingnuts

Costco Pulls Dinesh D'Souza's D'Book From Shelves Over Poor Sales, Replaces With Wrath Of The Wingnuts

Where oh where will the wingnuts of the near future go for deals on grosses of “World’s Greatest Grandma” t-shirts and barrel-sized containers of Twizzlers? Certainly not Costco, which is the newest and shiniest focus of right-wing rage after the warehouse retailer made the decision to pull Dinesh D’Souza’s latest book from its shelves. Costco claims this was part of its ordinary monthly rotation of stock – the book was released on June 2 but did not meet a certain sales threshold, moving only 3600 copies in four weeks, so the company pulled it to make room for something else. Which is JUST WHAT THEY WOULD SAY.

Whereas a human person capable of rationality might see this as the Invisible Hand of the Free Market at work, your average wingnut sees censorship of the worst kind. Just as the Nazis used to burn books that Hitler disapproved of, so is Costco destroying books that offend the fee-fees of Uberfuhrer Obama. And like the partisans of World War II, who took to the forests of Europe to fight the occupiers, so too do the wingnuts take to the hills and dales of Twitter and Facebook for their brave protests.

The larger narrative was that Costco is still carrying Hillary Clinton’s recent book, which nobody likes. Gotta admit, they do have solid evidence on their side.

Need more evidence that Costco is in the pocket of the Demoncraps? The company has hosted book signings recently for Hillary, but not for Dinesh. Obviously this is a reluctance on the company’s part to give a convicted felon who is about to go to prison a platform in their stores socialist fascist Nazi plot to suppress free speech.

Also, Costco’s co-founder James D. Sinegal is an avowed Communist Democrat who pays his employees a living wage, has advocated for a higher minimum wage, and donates money to Democratic politicians and PACs.

Add it all together, and obviously Costco is racist against people of Indian descent, and also too an enemy of the First Amendment, the Constitution, Mom, apple pie, the Second Amendment, baseball, the troops, Jesus, the Bible (well duh, we knew that one), the First Amendment again, freedom, and everything else that makes America great. The company must be destroyed through boycotts and hashtag activism.

On the plus side for those of you who shop there, the lines might get shorter.



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