Costume-Wearer Glenn Beck Tells Teabaggers To Stop Wearing Costumes


Glenn Beck is going on his radio and teevee shows and asking Teabaggers to stop wearing dumb dead historical figures costumes at rallies, and Teabaggers are calling in very angry about this. “What’s more effective, you as Betsy Ross or you as somebody who looks just like their neighbor, not dressed as Betsy Ross?” he said, unaware that coming as yourself in your American flag tee and scooter is not the best advertisement for your cause either. But asThe Blaze and Glenn Beck's personal website show with some photo examples, Glenn Beck likes to wear silly costumes all the time, such as this very nice yellow banana one. Wait, aren't those sites owned by Beck? Why are they undermining his message?

These sites have Goldline ads all over them, too, so they look like they belong to Glenn Beck. Perhaps his servants are forced to speak up against their master by this bitter betrayal on the pivotal costume issue.

We may be seeing Glenn Beck's army falling apart in front of our eyes. You can question Teabagger signs, Glenn Beck. But once you ask them to shed their furry Alexander Cat-Hamilton costumes, you're taking away the very source of their liberty. STAND DOWN, SIR.

[The Blaze]


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