Court Rules DADT Is Unconstitutional, Obama Administration Freaks Out

  • Remember when Barack Obama was heckled at a fundraiser for not loving the gays enough? Obama responded to that mean heckler by explaining that everyone should be shouting and screaming at the Senate Republicans for preventing the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." But now no one has to heckle anyone about anything ever again, because a federal court just ruled DADT completely unconstitutional, so hooray. (Oh, except the Obama Administration is not very happy about this and says terminating the policy "may pose a threat to the military.") Election Season is upon us, friends. Also, what? [CNN]

  • Virginia executed a "borderline retarded" woman last night, the end. [NYT]

  • David Paterson will fire at least 2,000 state workers, even though he took a solemn Pledge to New York that he would never fire anyone. Before you accuse David Paterson of "not seeing the consequences of his actions, because he has poor eyesight," please understand that these particular layoffs are mostly due to cuts in the state budget. Whatever, thanks for nothing, Paterson. [NYDN]


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