Crazy People Upset Glenn Beck Keeps Stealing Their 'Research' Uncredited

Crazy People Upset Glenn Beck Keeps Stealing Their 'Research' Uncredited

The mentally ill work hard for their crazy, yet these days they're easily exploited for profit by politicians and reality television shows. And it's not just slimy broken human beings who take advantage of them, it's also the mentally ill titans of the conspiracy theory industry: Big Crazy. Glenn Beck, the greatest titan of them all, is guilty too, according to a report from rival webzine The Daily Caller. Beck likes to take the work of dedidcated insane people, like Pamela Gellar, who devotes all of her time fighting Muslim terroristsonly she can see, with her special "gift," and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, who is convinced he will become Muslim if he drinks just a drop of a certain soup brand. Yes, Glenn Beck makes millions of dollars on the backs of other crazies without citing them. It's almost like he's embarrassed he gets all his information from discredited unstable Internet creatures.

How low does Glenn stoop? He steals his stuff from Associated Content. Associated Content! The thing that strings together a list of common-search engine terms and calls it a story!

Douglas Stewart, a blogger for Yahoo’s Associated Content, wrote an article recently describing how the State Department likely knew about the Egyptian uprising before it happened. He sent his story to several radio producers, including Beck’s, hoping to publicize it. While Beck did mention his name on the air, Stewart said he was shocked to hear the host read almost his entire article on the air, virtually verbatim, as if it were his own.

A short time later, Stewart found seven paragraphs of his own material pasted into a “study guide” about Egypt on There was no indication that Stewart had written it. Stewart complained in two separate emails to Beck’s webmaster, but never received a response.

“I took on writing at Associated Content in order to try and generate a meager amount of cash – they pay you $1.50 per ten thousand page views,” Stewart says. An acknowledgment from Beck might have driven significant traffic to Stewart’s posts. Instead, Stewart complains, Beck “has given almost zero credit.”

It's almost like Glenn Beck is plotting against his tribe of crazies, using them for his own mysterious self-interest. There's a word for this. It starts with letter "c." And it ends in "onspiracy." And also it ends in the death of all white people. [Daily Caller]


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