Crusades Sure Is Dumb Idea, Says Guy Who Wants To Declare Holy War

The Republican Presidential candidates of 2016!

It is comforting to know that amid the panties-soiling panic by Republican presidential candidates -- oh no, the toddler terrorists posing as refugees are comin' to get us! -- there is one conservative voice of reason, and you will never guess whose voice it is. Seriously, you will never guess. We will just tell you. It is South Carolina Southuhn Gennlemuhn Senatuh Lindsey Graham:

Lindsey Graham doesn’t like John Kasich’s idea for a new federal agency to promote "Judeo-Christian values" in the Middle East and other world hotspots, joking that it sounded like "the Crusades." [...]

“I don’t think we should be promoting Judeo-Christian values in the Arab world,” Graham told Real Clear Politics in an interview. “I think that was the Crusades.” [...]

“John Kasich is trying to do a good thing, but you’ve got to watch your words in this business,” Graham added. “Our enemies can take our words and use them against us.”

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We agree that Kasich's plan to create a new Big Government agency to promote "Judeo-Christian values" is terrible and wrong, and we should definitely NOT DO THAT because TERRIBLE and WRONG, and unlikely to make the you-know-whos hate us less, if we have learned anything from watching Monty Python documentaries on the History Channel. We also appreciate Sen. Graham reading Yr Wonkette, apparently. (Hi, Linds!)

Now if he could just have a word with this unhelpful hyperventilating extremist:

I have no idea why the president of the United States won’t call this a religious war when the president of Egypt does. Our strategy to combat radical Islam is failing.

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Who was that again? Who was the guy who said we are fighting a religious war against radical Islam, and the reason we're losing is because President Obummer won't call it that, and get his xenophobic hate on? (Besides all of them, obviously.) Oh right! It was Lindsey Graham. But that was after the terrorist attacks in Paris on the offices of Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket, back in January. Surely he has toned it down since the most recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Let's look at The Google and find out:

I want to go on the offense against radical Islam.

Hmm. And hmm some more:

“The American people are ready to take on radical Islam [because] they see it for what it is — a threat to our homeland and our way of life,” he said.

How telling our enemies we're going to Crusade 'em right in the face is a bad idea, but telling them we're going to wage a religious war on their religion isn't ... yeah, we dunno. Maybe Lindsey Graham -- who believes the sole responsibility of the president is to bomb all the countries because "commander-in-chief" -- needs to do a little less talking, and a little more listening to the actual president, for a change.

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