Cyber Ninja CEO $2M In Debt After AZ Fraudit Debacle. SAD!

Pour one out for the Cyber Ninjas on this Cyber Monday. Turns out their head guy Doug Logan went $2 million into debt on the Arizona fraudit, only to ruin his firm's reputation, making it highly unlikely any other state government will hire his band of goons to run the same scam again. Womp womp!

In a Telegram post flagged by Vice, conspiracy fanboy podcaster Nick Moseder extemporized on his conversation with the CEO of the infamous team of "auditors" hired by Republican legislators to ferret out the imagined fraud in Arizona's Maricopa County.

"At this point I've spoken to Doug Logan enough times that I have come around to understanding his decision making process much better than I did before," Moseder wrote last week. "I no longer blame Doug Logan for the way things turned out in AZ. I blame the AZ senate entirely."

Moseder and much of the MAGA peanut gallery has forgiven Logan for failing to "find" the fraud they all "know" was there, and decided that the whole shitshow debacle was Senate President Karen Fann's fault. Sure, she engineered the whole process to put a bunch of goons associated with the Trump campaign and Team Kraken's #StopTheSteal efforts in charge. But she didn't manage to get Maricopa County to turn over its routers, and she complied with court orders to turn over emails and Logan's documents, so obviously this is all her fault.

"Now I can also tell you this. Karen Fann made the BS router deal without anyone else's knowledge. She didn't consult fellow committee members, and she didn't consult the auditors. She went rogue," Moseder fumed on September 25. "Wouldn't you think she'd stop and ask Ben Cotton or Doug Logan, 'hey is this agreement that I'm about to make good? Is this going to allow you to do your job?'"

Ben Cotton is the member of the audit team who packed up a bunch of ballots and drove them to a secure "lab" in Montana that turned out to be his vacation cabin. And lest we forget, Logan was so pig ignorant about ballot security that he let workers loose on the floor with blue pens, instead of restricting them to red pens to ensure there was no tampering with the votes.

Or as Moseder put it, "Doug crafted an unprecedented well oiled machine of an audit process with THOUSANDS of moving parts, which was constantly changing, evolving, adapting as time went on. That alone takes a level of genius."

Well, that's one way to describe what went down. Or you could say that a company with zero experience running election audits perhaps made shit up on the fly and had to constantly recalibrate procedures because they didn't know what the hell they were doing.

But Moseder wasn't done crying for poor Dougie.

"I personally think it's a tradgedy [sic] that Doug Logan sacrificed months with his pregnant wife and 11 kids (now 12) to put his business and reputation on the line. All of that work, risk, and sacrifice to have come out the other side being called a traitor, and to be 2.1 million dollars in debt, with a business who's [sic] reputation will forever be branded 'right wing conspiracy company.'"

Yes, it is truly "tradgic" that Mr. and Mrs. Logan reached middle age apparently without figuring out what causes pregnancy. Call me, Mrs. L!

If you are weeping hot, salty tears for Doug Logan, the guy who appeared in a "documentary" about fraud in the 2020 election directed by Overstock nutjob Patrick Byrne, and then presented himself as a neutral auditor, he'd like you to know that he has a preferred conduit for donations. Naturally it is the fund managed by OAN "reporters" Christina Bobb and Chanel Rion, so you know it's on the up and up.

As for Your Wonkette, we're merely salty about the whole thing. And also, we'd like to know what happened to the millions of griftbux raised and donated by Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn, Lin Wood, and Patrick Byrne for this ridiculous enterprise. If it didn't go to Logan, where the hell is it?

Not because we're worried about crowdfunding Doug Logan's vasectomy, of course. (Never!) But because our particular kink is watching these hustlers come up with creative new ways to grift the rubes.

[Vice / AZ Central]

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