Daily Caller Puts Grifty Obama Admin In Private Jet JAIL! (For Spending One-Ninth As Much As Tom Price)

Nice job on the 'investigation,' guys

From the Daily Caller, a hard-hitting EXCLUSIVE investigative piece you hypocritical liberals may have overlooked in all the hubbub over the private-jet spending of Donald Trump's cabinet. It turns out Obama administration officials flew on chartered and government planes, too! In fact (we hope you're sitting down), Obama's people blew through nearly a MILLION DOLLARS on such travel! SHOCKING!

Of course, you have to actually read the first paragraph to learn that it took six years for two secretaries of the Interior Department, Ken Salazar and his successor Sally Jewell, to run up a travel bill that fell short of equaling the over a million bucks Tom Price spent jetting around on charter and military planes between May and September of this year, and then had to resign because he was too grifty even for Donald Trump.

And that's leaving aside the costs of other Trumpsters' noncommercial travel: About $800,000 for Treasury's Stephen Mnuchin to go all over the place. Ryan Zinke takes regular flights on Government Air and on charters, not just going home to Montana, but also hopping to Alaska to go to a steakhouse and regularly mixing fundraising with government business, which is a no-no. Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin zipped off to Wimbledon, maybe to learn how Venus Williams can help rehabilitate wounded vets, yeah, that's the ticket. All told, there are five active investigations into seven Trump cabinet members' travel, and we still have eight days to go until the Trump administration even reaches the nine-month mark.

But if you look only at the Interior department, as the Daily Caller does, maybe you can claim the real money wasters were those spendthrifts Salazar and Jewel, because you have to look at the bigger context, which is that Obama was the worst, most wasteful president ever, what with his fancy human food for Valentine's Day and photos of Kenyan elitist dogs sitting at a table laid out for a state dinner, where they no doubt ate gold-plated filets mignon, THE END.

[Daily Caller]

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