Jim Treacher, who periodically writes incredibly stupid shit at the Daily Caller Media Foundation Trademark, is now demanding the real birth certificate for Hillary Clinton's concussion or something, and DEMANDS RESPECT FOR HIS CRUSADE.

A few weeks ago, when Hillary’s people said she wouldn’t be testifying about Benghazi because she’d fallen down and hit her head, I did exactly what our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the media would have done if Secretary Clinton were a Republican: I asked to see the medical report. I didn’t accuse her of faking her injury. I didn’t call it a hoax. I merely showed skepticism about the claims of a career politician who was missing her second opportunity in a row to testify about her department’s utter negligence and ineptitude in Benghazi.

Now, of course, lazy hacks are accusing me of doing the very thing I went out of my way not to do.

Right...in general, when you're not accusing someone of lying, you ask them for the private medical records to prove the thing you have no reason to doubt, but don't believe because they're probably lying, which is not what you're saying at all.  At all.  Especially when you quote an article that says Clinton's concussion "looks like avoidance of responsibility to preserve her own political viability" and then you say "[i]t certainly does."  That's not accusing someone of engaging in a self-serving lie, it's just accusing them of being dishonest to...serve their own purposes.

Totes diff. (To be fair, Treacher has a lot of reason to hate the State Department, considering a State Department SUV hit him while he was crossing the street and caused him permanent physical damage.  But maybe you take that guy off the State Department beat, hm?)

Anyway, your Wonkette has some questions for the Daily Caller Media Foundation Trademark, because it is suspicious and shifty.  Now, we are not accusing the Daily Caller Media Foundation Trademark of being our deadbeat birth father, but we have yet to see the verifying information proving that Tucker Carlson wasn't wagging around his bow-tied little Bob Novak way back when.  Barring some evidence to the contrary, the real issue is whether the media conglomerate we are in no way accusing of having impregnated then abandoned our Young Mama Wonkette in fact did so, and as a result owes us like two decades of child support and/or SEO assistance.

Now, stop accusing your dear Wonkette of saying that everyone at the Daily Caller hit it and quit it. WE DID NOT.

[Daily Caller]


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