Dana Perino Begs Meteorologists Everywhere To Be As Dumb As Fox News, Yell About Benghazi


We all know that Fox News is nothing but faux-outrage over Benghazi -- excuse us, BENGHAZI!111!!! -- 24/7, but their certainty that everyone else is just as pretend-mad is one of the weirdest parts of their obsession. Today, cap-sleeve-wearing thought jumble Dana Perino is super mad that Bamz is going to go talk so some meteorologists about climate change because haha there is no climate change and also too they should ask him about Benghazi instead.

On the final segment of The Five, Perino discussed an upcoming event in which national and local TV meteorologists will speak with Obama about climate change issues after the release of the 2014 National Climate Assessment. Perino used the opportunity to reference the Benghazi attacks, saying: "Tomorrow, President Obama is going to do interviews with meteorologists all across the country about a new climate change report. ... I hope they ask him about Benghazi. Like the weatherman from Montana should ask him about Benghazi, that would be great. I dare you."

See that, meteorologists? She dares you! She double dog dares you! She Benghazi Truther or Dares you! Ignore the fact that you're meeting with the President to talk about a thing -- climate change -- that is one of the hallmark issues of your profession and instead yell at him about Fox News's favorite ginned-up scandal. DO IT.

Not content to try to goad meteorologists into making Fox News-level fools of themselves, Perino also took time to give a shout out to climate change denier Caleb Rossiter's piece in the Wall Street Journal. Perino namechecks Caleb thanks to him doing some good old concern trolling about how American leftists who believe in global warming and decreasing carbon output are actually dicking over Africa because they need carbon for a modern lifestyle and if you don't give it to them they will not live as long and oh also too there is no such thing as climate change.

Haha did you think we were actually going to quote his selective statistic use wrapped in pretend love of developing countries? No way. If some meteorologist is dumb enough to tank their career by shouting BENGHAZI!!1!! at Bamz, though, we'll definitely cover that.

[Media Matters/WSJ]


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