Dana Rohrabacher Saw Antifa False Flagging The Capitol Jan. 6, Because He Was There!

Now we know why Vladimir Putin is calling the accused January 6 terrorists oppressed political prisoners and weeping over their predicament. His favorite former US congressman Dana Rohrabacher was there in the crowd that day!

(We don't think Putin is actually thinking about Dana Rohrabacher, but there's a reason House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy once said of Rohrabacher, "There's two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump." His nickname is literally "Putin's favorite congressman." Grab a full pot of coffee and refresh yourself about it here!)

Dana, dear, what were you doing at the Capitol on January 6?

Former congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) said Monday that he was among the crowds outside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, but claimed that he was there to protest the election and did not join others in storming the building.

Uh huh.

"I marched to protest, and I thought the election was fraudulent and it should be investigated, and I wanted to express that and be supportive of that demand," Rohrabacher, 73, said in the interview with the Portland Press Herald. "But I was not there to make a scene and do things that were unacceptable for anyone to do."

He wasn't there to make a scene or do unacceptable things!

Oh God, Dana.

We're not surprised, and we're not mad, but we guess we're just disappointed.

The people who run the Capitol Hunters Twitter account and online clearinghouse of information about the January 6 terrorists spotted Rohrabacher in the crowd, as you can see above. According to the evidence they posted, Rohrabacher was "nearly 500 feet beyond the police barriers and inside the restricted zone, but there is no indication he attempted to climb the West Plaza steps or enter the building." So that's good of him. Of course, he's probably a little bit old balls to be running around doing domestic terrorist activities with the kids.

In that interview with the Portland Press Herald out of Maine, where Rohrabacher now lives, he blabbered some more conspiracy theories about the insurrection he waited outside of. Indeed, he seems to be under the impression that he and all the other REAL Trump sycophants were all standing outside politely 500 feet beyond the barriers and inside the restricted zone but NOT inside the Capitol, while the people actually inside were deranged leftists just trying to make them look bad:

"By going into the building, they gave the Left the ability to direct the discussion of what was going on in a way that was harmful to the things we believe in," Rohrabacher said, adding that he believed "Leftist provocateurs" encouraged the crowd to breach the building.

OK, Dana.

Some things Dana Rohrabacher has said and done over the past few years, according to a perfunctory search of Wonkette's archives:

  • That Russia didn't even hack the DNC in 2016, that it was INSIDE JOB! Julian Assange told him he has "absolute proof" of that! And if you can't believe Julian Assange, then you're certainly not Dana Rohrabacher!
  • Indeed, Rohrabacher admitted he told Assange that he'd get him a pardon from Donald Trump if Assange would get him THE PROOF.
  • According to Wonkette Editrix Rebecca, his blood alcohol level is sometimes, shall we say, ALL OF IT KATIE. "Falling-off-his-barstool drunk," that's what she saw in Orange County, just about every time she saw him.
  • He and his wife Rhonda have not been the best tenants of million-dollar homes in the past! You know, unless you like tenants who leave "mysterious, lubricant-like stain" that goes all the way through the carpet and damages the hardwoods. (Just read it.)
  • Said it was "all baloney" that actual white supremacist Nazis had caused the white supremacist Nazi attacks in Charlottesville. Yes, his lunatic thoughts seem to follow along certain consistent themes.
  • He used to have a thing for the Taliban. Maybe he still does!

And then there he was on January 6, calmly standing inside the barricades with the God-loving Trump supporters just peacefully protesting, while Antifa false-flagged all of 'em right in the bottom by literally physically attacking the United States Capitol.

Bless his heart.

[Portland Press Herald / Washington Post]

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