DC Cop Michael Fanone Pretty Sick Of F*ckers Rewriting History Of January 6 Attack

Not long after the January 6 domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol, which was incited by former president Donald Trump, a DC Metro Police officer named Michael Fanone gave a memorable interview where he talked about insurgent rioters who actually listened to his appeals to their humanity and tried to help save him from the rest of the terrorists, saying, "Thank you, but fuck you for being there."

They had "grabbed [his] helmet, pulled him to the ground and dragged him on his stomach down a set of steps." They beat him with a flagpole. A man named Daniel Rodriguez is charged with shooting him with a stun gun, which caused him to have a minor heart attack. They had screamed "We got one!" and "Kill him with his own gun!" He ended up with a brain injury and PTSD.

Fuck you for being there, indeed.

In March, a man named Thomas Sibick was arrested in Buffalo, New York, for brutalizing Fanone at the Capitol, and also stealing Fanone's badge and his radio. The badge was found where Sibick had left it, which was in his backyard, where he buried it.

Fanone gave CNN's Don Lemon an interview last night, and he is still pissed. He's especially pissed at people like Donald Trump and Republicans — to be clear, he didn't name names — who are trying to rewrite the history of January 6. To restate the obvious (these are Wonkette's words), what happened that day was a terrorist attack Trump incited and elected Republicans egged on, as they jerked off to Trump's fascist Big Lie fantasies about winning an election he actually lost.

Now we'll let Fanone speak:

FANONE: It's been very difficult seeing elected officials and other individuals kind of whitewash the events of that day or downplay what happened. Some of the terminology that was used, like 'hugs and kisses' and 'very fine people,' is very different from what I experienced and what my co-workers experienced on the 6th.

Trump said that in March, on Fox News. He said his terrorists "went in, and they are hugging and kissing the police and the guards."

FANONE: I think it's dangerous. It is very much not the experience I had on the 6th. I experienced a group of individuals that were trying to kill me to accomplish their goal. And I think that ...

Fanone cut off there, because he was getting emotional. (That happened several times during the interview.) He then continued:

FANONE: I experienced the most brutal, savage hand-to-hand combat of my entire life, let alone my policing career, which spans almost two decades. It was nothing I had ever thought would be a part of my law enforcement career, and nor was I prepared to experience [it].

He says he's a pretty "apolitical person," and that he likes his politics like he likes his Olympics, AKA every four years. He said the rest of the time, "I don't give a fuck." (We like how this guy says "fuck" every time he's on CNN.) But he talked about how during the Trump administration, there was a lot of "pandering towards law enforcement" and said he and a lot of his colleagues were "susceptible to that." So that really made it jarring for him.

FANONE: To have a group of individuals, or someone who espouses to be a law-and-order official or a law-and-order president, and then experience what I experienced on the 6th [...] that was difficult to come to terms with.

Fanone shared his own account of what happened to him and his fellow officers during the Trump attack, saying he thought it was a "distinct possibility" that he was going to die.

Toward the end of the segment, after another emotional moment, Lemon asked him to encapsulate his thoughts:

FANONE: How we managed to make it out of that day without more significant loss of life is a miracle. [...] Again, it was the most brutal combat imaginable.

The second segment was more of the same. He says he "absolutely" wants the police to release his bodycam footage and then try to "deny that January 6 was anything other than violent and brutal."

He also delivered this quote:

FANONE: I want people to understand the significance of January 6. I want people to understand that thousands of rioters came to the Capitol hell-bent on violence and destruction and murder. And that 850 MPD officers responded there and really saved the day. I want people to understand the stories behind those 850 officers. Those officers are moms and dads, they're sons and daughters. They have children and families.

And also this quote:

FANONE: January 6 was real. It didn't happen in a fucking movie studio in California.

Seriously, dude cusses like Wonkette.

In the second half of the second segment, Lemon and Fanone also had an interesting discussion about the state of policing outside of what happened to him, specifically about racism in policing. You should watch it.

Speaking of Capitol terrorists, the former president is still pushing his fascist Big Lie about winning an election he lost, indeed with more fervor than in the preceding weeks, and Politico reports that judges and prosecutors in cases against accused Capitol terrorists are making that part of their arguments and rulings over why those charged are a continuing danger to society.

"Former President Donald J. Trump continues to make forceful public comments about the 'stolen election,' chastising individuals who did not reject the supposedly illegitimate results that put the current administration in place," Judge Emmet Sullivan wrote in a recent opinion ordering the detention of Jan. 6 defendant Jack Whitton, charged with one of the most brutal assaults that day.

"[S]uch comments reflect the continued threat posed by individuals like Mr. Whitton, who has demonstrated that he is willing and able to engage in extreme and terrifying levels of violence against law enforcement with a chilling disregard for the rule of law … seemingly based on mistaken beliefs about the illegitimacy of the current administration."

Prosecutors have also begun citing and echoing Sullivan's rationale. The latest incarnation came Monday, when assistant U.S. attorney Jessica Arco noted in court that Trump "as recently as today is still talking about this 'rigged' election." Arco was arguing for the pretrial detention of Nathaniel DeGrave, a Trump loyalist charged with assaulting a police officer outside the Senate chamber.

"The defendant is of course entitled to his political preferences," Arco said. "But given his prior acts of traveling across the country with weapons to 'stop the steal' and interfering with the peaceful transition of power on behalf of his idol, and his idol's continued inflammatory rhetoric about a stolen election, the defendant continues to pose a ... threat to the community."

Read the whole thing.

Kinda unsettling on the day the new president is set to give his first joint address to Congress, don't you think?

But please, Republicans, tell us more about how January 6 was no big deal. Tell us more, GOP Senator Ron Johnson, about how you weren't scared that day because the terrorists "were people that love this country, that truly respect law enforcement, would never do anything to break the law," by which you meant they were white, and we know you meant that, because the next words out of your pig mouth were about how you would have been scared if they had been "tens of thousands of Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters."

We think Officer Fanone would approve if we just ended this post by telling folks like Johnson to go fuck themselves.

[CNN / Politico]

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