DC Should Obviously Dump All Of Its Rats In Virginia, Maryland


Conservative teen pop star Ken Cuccinelli, Virginia's attorney general, is using the hot news about all those dead rats found everywhere in the cleaned-out Occupy DC encampment to bring up one of his biggest fears: That a recent federal law will end up dumping all of DC's many filthy rats into the Maryland and Virginia suburbs, killing everyone. Will it? All we can do now is pray that yes, it will.

Cuccinelli, the Washington Post reports, is planning to hold a "rat summit," a term that describes every single meeting or basic interaction in Washington DC, but which in this case refers to actual real-world death rats:

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II (R) used reports of Occupy’s rat infestation as a reason to rail against the Wildlife Protection Act, D.C.’s animal control law approved in 2010 but not yet fully used.

Cuccinelli claims that the law would force D.C. pest-control workers to cross the border and dump their rats and other wild animals into the unsuspecting Maryland and Virginia suburbs, potentially exposing suburbanites to Lyme disease, rabies and other animal-borne ailments.

Cuccinelli has taken his concerns a step further, announcing that his office is coordinating a meeting — in true D.C. fashion, the Washington Examiner and other media have dubbed it a “rat summit” — with the office of Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.) and representatives of the District and other regional governments.

We don't know how a Patriot like Ken Cuccinelli could object to DC dumping all of its rats in his backyard. This is Washington, America's famed capital, Ken. Rats are a national security issue. Just accept them and don't be such a terrorist about it.

The story, then, proceeds to note that every legislative expert and environmental department believes Cuccinelli is completely misreading what will happen. That leads us to believe that Cuccinelli is only bringing up this fake issue to remind people that Occupy people had rats at their encampment. Shame on everyone.


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