D.C.'s Debs

A cover storyslut! in the Washington City Paper looks at debutante balls, noting that "debutantes don't come and go; they just keep coming." After reading the piece, well, now we definitely understand their enduring appeal:

Even without formal training, some of society's newest additions appear as well-versed in the subtle varieties of rump shaking as the waltz. There are two basic stances, crotch-to-crotch or crotch-to-ass—unless there's a three-way going on. . . Once a dancer has that down, the next step is ass cupping, a skill that demands a solid grip and a total lack of inhibition. . .

Several couples. . . demonstrate the cup 'n' straddle, where the young man grabs his partner's behind while the young lady rides his leg. . . One acrobatic pair shows off a bump 'n' lift, where the young man, in mid-grind, hoists his squealing partner into the air for as long as possible while still humping her.

Uhm, yeah. Still, you don't have to shell out $15K+ for that kind of action. It's available outside the hotel at a much lower price.

Better Off Deb [City Paper via Swamp-City.com]


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