Dead Breitbart's Ghost Forced To Pay Up For Murdering Shirley Sherrod's Career

Team Shirley 4-Evar

Remember about a million years ago in 2010 when Barack Obama was still just getting started on his project of turning all Americans against each other by being a huge racist who forced teabaggers to bring racist signs to rallies, and there was this great hero named Andrew Breitbart who proved that the REAL racists were the NAACP, and he proved it with a video showing Department of Agriculture employee Shirley Sherrod telling a racist story at an NAACP meeting? Except how the video was carefully-edited bullshit, but Sherrod lost her job anyway, and a year later she sued Breitbart for defamation? Yeah, THAT Shirley Sherrod! Well here is some new News! Sherrod has reached a settlement in the case with the widow of Dead Andrew Breitbart, who is still dead (Breitbart, not the widow), after Barack Obama assassinated him with a heart attack. Maybe now we can look forward to all the racial enmity in our once-great nation coming to an end?

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As you no doubt recall, the Sherrod got shitcanned by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack like twenty minutes after the Breitbart post went up, to show that the Obama administration would allow no anti-white racists in its ranks, except of course that she wasn't and hadn't been. In the fake edited version of the video, Sherrod appeared to say that, decades ago when she was working for a civil rights group that mostly helped black farmers, she hadn't helped a poor white farmer as much as she could have, instead sending him to a white lawyer. Shock, horror, and firing, because she was such a bigot. Except then when the full version of the video came out, we learned The Rest of the Story, which was that when she learned that the white lawyer hadn't helped the farmer, she realized she'd been wrong, and then she went right back and helped the farmer and his family as hard as she could and helped him avoid foreclosure of his farm. And she and the farmer became good friends. So it was a story of redemption, except the Breitbart version of the video cut out the redemption part (Also, in Breitbart's special edition of Schindler's List, the credits roll right after Oskar Schindler signs a contract to use concentration camp prisoners in his factory). And while he was at it, his creative editing gave a whole generation of rightwing "activists" a business model.

After the full truth came out, the White House kind of lamely apologized to Sherrod and offered her a job making racism go away, which she turned down, because who in her right mind would want to have the job of Official Racism Lightning Rod for the Obama administration? She eventually held a press conference with Vilsack, to show that there were no hard feelings, just a lot of awkward body language.

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And now Sherrod has reached a settlement in her defamation lawsuit, which we would tell you a whole bunch about if the AP had more than just the barest details:

Sherrod sued blogger Andrew Breitbart and his colleague Larry O'Connor in 2011, a year after Breitbart posted an edited video of Sherrod making the remarks. She sued for defamation and emotional distress after she was asked to resign, and the video ignited a racial firestorm.

The full video showed that Sherrod's words were an attempt at racial reconciliation, not racism.

U.S. District Judge Richard J. Leon on Tuesday ordered the case halted "in light of the parties' representations that a settlement has been reached among all of the parties" and the agreement circulated for signatures.

Will there be an apology? Dunno. A big payout for ruining her life and making her a symbol of systemic anti-white prejudice in the NAACP and Obama administration? Dunno. A personal visit from Justin Bieber, who for some reason was in our Blingees? Almost certainly not.

Considering that the mere mention of Sherrod on a rightwing website today can still stir up a bunch of butthurt from people convinced that she was a one-woman black version of the KKK, we hope she got a ton of money from Breitbart's widow, since there's no way she can ever return to peaceful anonymity.

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