Dean Heller Promises To Abort Election Reforms, Abortion Rights If Nevada Will Just Take Him Back

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Dean Heller Promises To Abort Election Reforms, Abortion Rights If Nevada Will Just Take Him Back

Dean Heller is back, baby! After getting crosswise with Trump, he got turfed out of his Nevada Senate seat in 2018, losing to Democrat Jacky Rosen by five points. Womp womp.

Heller could have run against Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, who is up this cycle. But that weirdo Adam Laxalt already got the Mar-a-Lago endorsement after assiduously flogging Trump's lies about vote fraud in the Silver State, so Heller set his sights on the statehouse, where Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak is running for another term.

"Something happened, something changed. It was called 2020. 2020 happened, bad politicians started making bad decisions. We had mass lockdowns mandated by this governor, rioting throughout major cities and small businesses destroyed," he said at an event Monday to announce his candidacy, the Nevada Independent reports. "And I said to my family, 'Enough is enough. We have to do something about this.' So we're here today because I believe it's time to fire Steve Sisolak."

Sure you did, buddy. This wasn't just rank opportunism hoping to capitalize on unhappiness with COVID lockdowns to assuage your ego after a humiliating loss.

"Everybody thinks they're an expert, everybody thinks they're a scientist. That's what's going on out here," he scoffed to the Las Vegas Review Journal. "And every one of these scientists change their opinions every two weeks. So what are we to rely on except people's common sense?"

Heller is doing his damnedest to keep sweet with the MAGAsphere this time around, announcing a spate of ultraconservative positions pitched to appeal to GOP primary voters.

He announced his support for Texas's abortion laws and promised, "As governor, I'll get the most conservative abortion laws that we can have in this state, regardless with who's controlling the Legislature at the time." Which is a promise he can keep, if you squint just right at it, since Nevada voters passed a referendum in 1990 enshrining the right to an abortion before 24 weeks pregnancy into law. And in case the legislators got any bright ideas, those voters made it so the statute could only be changed by yet another referendum. So, hooray, that one is factcheck true!

He also promised to enact voter ID laws by executive order, conveniently bypassing both houses of the legislature where Democrats dominate. Also conveniently, he forgot that the current Republican position is that Article I, Section 4 of the Constitution vests sole control over elections in state legislatures, and thus it is illegal for the governor or secretary of state to have any role in running them.

And on the most important issue, he's right where he should be — which is lying his ass off.

"We made it easier to cheat in future elections," he complained Monday, promising that when he's governor, "you're not going to wonder if elections are fair." (Ask Brian Kemp how that one worked out.)

He kept up the refrain at a press conference on Tuesday, saying, "We're talking about changing the outcome of an election. We're talking about changing by manipulating the process," adding later that "the last time Nevada had a safe, secure election in this state was when I was secretary of state."

Note that, for all his concerns about keeping elections safe, Heller is not running for secretary of state. Nor is he saying exactly how he thinks the election was unsafe under the vote by mail regime passed by both houses of the state legislature and signed by Gov. Sisolak.

Heller was similarly mute on the subject of exactly who is president of US America in year 2021 of the Common Era.

"I know who the president of the United States is, we're not arguing that. What I am arguing is the process and how we got there," he said Monday, adding later that "After the 2020 election, most Republicans believe President Trump had won that election. This is chaos and this chaos continues over and over."


And he was at it again on Tuesday.

"I still know who the president is," he said, doggedly refusing to name said person, "but I do believe we have a problem with elections."


Well, it's going to be a crowded GOP primary. Better pucker up good and hard, dude, there's a lot of Trump ass-kissing to be done between now and June 14, 2022.

[NV Independent / LV Review Journal]

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