'Deep State' Continues Framing Totally Innocent, Non-Complicit In Sex Abuse Jim Jordan


The Ohio State University sex abuse scandal is one of those stories of such escalating repulsiveness that you think it's gone on forever, when it's only barely been two weeks. Former team doctor Richard Strauss is alleged to have sexually assaulted a minimum of 1,500/2000 student athletes from 1978 to 1998 in at least 15 varsity sports, one of which is wrestling, and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan was assistant wrestling coach from 1986 to 1994, so there's some overlap there.

Jordan has repeatedly insisted that he "knew nothing" about all the sports-related rape and just sort of hopes the story will go away so he can't get back to helping bury the Russia investigation for his buddy Donald Trump. However, the victims of Strauss's unspeakable acts have different ideas.

Two class-action lawsuits filed this week by former wrestlers claim Ohio State University turned a blind eye to a doctor's alleged sexual abuse of student athletes.

In a suit filed Monday, four John Does -- formerly a part of the wrestling team -- allege they were "sexually assaulted, battered, molested, and/or harassed" by the team doctor in the 1990s, according to the lawsuit. One plaintiff claims this happened in the late 1980s and 1990s during approximately 50 physical examinations.

Jordan isn't named in this suit, but again, there's that date overlap. His claims of obliviousness have been consistently called out as BS by 11 former students so far. That number keeps rising, and because this is a class-action suit against the college, more students can join the legally and morally justified pile-on. This is not great for Jordan, a leading member of the far-right House Freedom Caucus who had ambitions to replace human jellyfish Paul Ryan as speaker, which worried Republicans -- maybe because even they believe there's a limit to how many guys with convincing ties to sexual assault they can trust with the speaker's gavel.

Strauss "earned" the nickname "Dr. Jelly Paws" because of his shameless and unfettered violation of the students in his care, to which Ohio State reportedly turned a "blind eye," like a corrupt, rape-enabling Stevie Wonder. Apparently, the most action they took to clean this up was to literally clean the locker room carpet. Who did they think Strauss was? A priest?

Coaches and administrators were "repeatedly informed" of Strauss's serial sexual abuse, according to the first complaint. The lawsuit alleges that one student complained about Strauss to the university's student health center in 1978 and that, in the mid-'90s, two wrestlers reported Strauss to Andy Geiger, then the school's athletic director, while another reported the groping to the wrestling coach at the time, Russ Hellickson.

Ohio State held a hearing on the allegations against Strauss in 1997, according to the complaint, and he was allegedly allowed to "quietly retire," without facing disciplinary action.

A second lawsuit filed on Tuesday on behalf of a fifth unnamed wrestler mentions Jordan directly and details accusations from other wrestlers that the congressman "was also aware of Strauss' abuse but that he also concealed it." If true, Jordan goes from "knowing but not giving a crap" to being a "piece of crap participating in a coverup."

Jordan isn't named as a defendant in either suit, but it's hard to see how he survives this politically. He has accused the "deep state" of putting a hit out on him, which is among the dumbest of non-faked-moon-landing conspiracy theories out there. Maybe Jordan will blame the lawsuits on the powerful allies of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, whom Jordan wants to impeach?

There are times when I fear the American voting electorate possesses the mental acuity of Sean Hannity after a couple Sea Breezes, but I'd like to think they won't stomach this. Jordan needs to resign. There are likely dozens of square-jawed right wing assholes who can replace him.

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