Deleted Comments: Hillary's A War Criminal And So Are You, Wonkette!

Whatever she followed that with, she didn't send it to *us*

While all your Wonket pals were busy kvelling over Hillary Clinton's impressive performance in the 100-meter Ass-Kick during the Benghazi Decathlon on Thursday, it seems that not everyone was a fan. The griping started well before the circus, when ringmaster Trey Gowdy told all the carnies in his own party to shut up about what a great job the committee was doing of undermining Hillary. That article brought us some thoughts from a gent going by the simple username "Joe," although as far as we could tell he is not a plumber, a GI, or Frank Einstein's cute girlfriend. Joe was displeased, as he informed another commenter, which is weird, since Wonkette Does Not Allow Comments:

[You're] the stupid dumbf**k. Think about it, Hillary is nothing more than a LIAR, MURDER, SWINDLER, THIEF, and a sad sad excuse for a human being. If people like you defend her, you are no better than her. As I say, you get what you vote for. Just look at what Obama has done to this once wonderful country. Turned it into the laughing stock of the world. Go ahead and support the liberals and this country will be like the Soviet Union was in the 50's and 60's. Everyone starving, country broke, no hope. Just keep it up and you will get what you wish for, my friend. BTW don't bother spewing that it's Bush's fault you idiot.

[contextly_sidebar id="jZJ7xJEIEaljOiGBkdUWuUDrEkj81vOM"]Murderer, Joe, it's "murderer." That one has always bugged us. Also, we're reasonably certain that the United States isn't quite the laughingstock of the world, now that we no longer have a certain delusional warmonger in office, but apparently we can't mention his name. But your concern is confusing -- we thought you guys didn't care what a bunch of foreigns think of the Great and Powerful USA anyway?

Joe had additional thoughts, too!

  • Nothing else to see here but a bunch of idiots and commie lovers and people who don't understand anything about what America stands for. Liberty Freedom and the pursuit of Happiness. These people want nothing but free shit.
  • I have fucked a few (lib)tard ladies in my life. Can't say they were nothing more than a bad piece of ass.
  • [In reply to a commenter who asked "Could we get a blood sample? If you can isolate the stupid in your blood, we might be able to make a vaccine..."]:

    I'll tell you boy, my blood would right this libtard dying country.

Guess he straightened us out! Still, it was a refreshing change from the usual run of wingnut obsessing about gay sex, so we'll take what we can get.

Also, in reply to the same piece, "AmericanBelle1" needed to set us straight on a few things, since despite the fact that Watergate only merited one special investigative committee, Benghazi was far worse, and Hillary Obama a much more nefarious cover-upper of things than Nixon ever dreamed possible:

There may have been 8 other investigations into the Benghazi matter, but not one single one of them have gathered the intelligence Gowdy's committee has. The State Department, Obama, and the Clintons have done everything they could to obstruct any investigation into what really happened. Gowdy just received all of Chris Stevens' other committee had those and knew for fact that Stevens repeatedly emailed Clinton requesting tougher security; but hey, Hillary was too busy emailing Blumenthal for their wheeling dealings in Libya and Blumenthal's company...oh yeah, no other committee had Blumenthal's emails either. And at the very beginning, which I believe most blockheads have forgotten, the State Department forced everyone to sign confidentiality agreements and forbade them to talk to any of these committees or to be questioned in any way....EXCEPT for Gowdy's committee.

So to all of you...STFU!

We'll just leave aside the small detail that Ambassador Stevens' never actually emailed Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state, because that's not how State Department communication works; nor will we get into the weeds again that none of his requests for security were directed to her -- they went where they belonged, to the security experts in the State Department.

And while it's true that State denied a requests for additional security staff at the embassy in Tripoli, the requests from the embassy had been for an additional "three to five diplomatic security agents." At an earlier Benghazi hearing, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Charlene Lamb testified that even if those security staff had been added, they would likely have remained in Tripoli when Stevens traveled to Benghazi. Embassy chief of security Eric A. Nordstrom added that even if they had gone along, the assault on the Benghazi office compound was overwhelming; in a written statement, he said:

[The] ferocity and intensity of the attack was nothing that we had seen in Libya, or that I had seen in my time in the Diplomatic Security Service. Having an extra foot of wall, or an extra-half dozen guards or agents would not have enabled us to respond to that kind of assault.

Ah, but we were going to stay out of the weeds on that one. Let's yell "Blumenthal!" a lot more, shall we?

AmericanBelle1 had more to say about Gowdy's qualifications, the complete incompetence of the eight other investigations, and the utter loserdom of anyone who would speak against him:

  • Doesn't look at all like the esteemed and very, very successful prosecutor that Trey Gowdy is. How many other real prosecutors were there chairing all these other committees that had no information looking into Benghazi?
  • Gowdy always ignores Cummings. If Cummings wasn't black, he'd be nothing.

Oh, well, there you go, that explains everything, now doesn't it?

[contextly_sidebar id="44YqJ7mke3M2SFoZPtnLYoOQGcwVJoUP"]Our story on the recent poll that found that most Americans are sick and tired of hearing about Hillary's emails brought this thoughtful observation from "Jingo Bells":

The Public really liked Al Capone, too! Even after the St Valentine's day massacre. They said the Cops were just trying to get him. They were, and they did! He went to the "Big House."

Jingo Bells also included a photograph of Mr. Capone, perhaps as proof that Hillary Clinton is a damned liar. Extra points to Jingo Bells, however, for not falling back on the usual Hitler analogy.

The same post brought this from "Bill Masterson":

If only they had thought this way back in the 70's: "America is sick and tired of hearing about Nixon's damned tapes."

Excellent comparison! And as a matter of fact, many Americans were in fact sick and tired of hearing about Nixon's damned tapes, except there's also a couple of tiny differences we feel compelled to note: For one thing, unlike Hillary, Nixon never insisted on releasing all his tapes so that people could see that there was nothing incriminating on them -- and that's maybe because Nixon's tapes actually provided concrete proof of a conspiracy to cover up Watergate, regardless of whether people were sick of them. (Yes, we know, dear, Hillary erased the emails where she wrote "Let's let some State Department and CIA guys die, because that would be GREAT for the election!")

[contextly_sidebar id="nRkovk8ka95x84ISTn6g1q21EC7CpJYE"]Just for the sake of getting almost every Clinton/Obama conspiracy into a single post, we heard from "John" in response to our piece on Martha Roby's refusal to see anything funny about whether Hillary was alone ALL NIGHT as Benghazi happened. Sadly, John didn't have anything to say about whether "Were you alone all night? was laughable, because there is NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT THE DEATHS OF FOUR BRAVE AMERICANS.

Clinton could care less.. The real scandal is allowing her and Obama to get away with attacking Libya in the first place. This diversion is getting her free press. No one is going to convict her... Her, Obama and the CIA are directly involved in giving weapons to the enemy that is the cover up. Talk tot he arms guy who supplied the weapons who paid him? Trace the money where did it come from? All are in this together. My one hope is some one steps forward with real evidence of the cover up. I believe it is at the Pentagon. Why do you think Obama is firing generals left and right. He is putting Homosexual officers in charge every where with the idea they will protect the TOOL!!

So there you go: The Gays are covering up Benghazi and all the arms that we gave "the enemy," whoever that is this week.

[contextly_sidebar id="wjwSlc1bopLusQZLqmpGYbP1IDfBDBFd"]And finally, some good old-fashioned Concern Trolling from "Allpoliticsisoffthecliff," whose Disqus comment history is a festival of disappointed finger-shaking at all the extremists on the right and left who never focus on what REALLY matters, which is whatever perspective Allpoliticsisoffthecliff happens to have (Strangely, in several comments on the Oregon shootings, this person's comments don't mention the grieving parents, but instead explain that the shooter is a bad guy and we shouldn't blame innocent guns). In reply to our piece on Rachel Maddow's interview with Hillary Clinton, which covered a broad range of topics, Allpoliticsisoffthecliff sadly upbraided us for Not Thinking Of The Children:

I feel for the parents who have been pushed to the sidelines, no respect for them at all. Bad for all of us that we forget humanity.

Monster that I am, Yr Doktor Zoom asked, "What on earth are you talking about?" and finally learned that Allpoliticsisoffthecliff had only read the headline and thought that the entire piece was about Benghazi:

The parents of the DEAD people that died in the attack on the embassy, have you forgotten that people where killed?

Now hold on just a minute here -- you mean to say that people died in Benghazi, and that they had parents? We're not sure that has ever been mentioned in any of the news coverage of that incident! THIS. CHANGES. EVERYTHING. For some crazy reason, we had thought that the nine investigations into the Benghazi attacks had been utterly devoid of mention of the victims and their families. Or maybe, just maybe, instead of all the things we did say about the interview, we should only have pulled out the portions of the interview where Hillary Clinton actually did say that although she thought that Benghazi had been investigated to the point where there's nothing new to learn, she nonetheless was willing to testify again because:

the point is, what are we going to do to both honor the people that we lost and try to make sure this doesn’t happen again? And as I said yesterday, we have had horrific incidents. We lost so many Americans in Beirut for a bombing of our embassy, then a bombing of the Marine barracks. We lost Americans in the Al-Qaeda bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. We had more than a hundred attacks on our facilities around the world since 2001. So we live in a complicated, dangerous world. And so we do want to have a, a good conversation where people come to the table ready to actually learn about what we can do. I’m afraid that’s, you know, not necessarily what this particular committee is doing, but we have learned a lot from our previous investigations, and I’m certainly, you know, committed to doing all I can to make sure we do save lives. [Emphasis added throughout-- Dok Z]

So, yes. The fact that people died was not exactly left out of the interviews. True, there was no mention of their parents, and we focused on a number of other things, so please feel free to concern-troll us for not mentioning the grieving parents, because you must always mention the grieving parents of Benghazi. Truly, we feel deeply monstrous.

Just don't mention the grieving parents of victims of the next domestic massacre, because then you're politicizing their personal tragedy.

Doktor Zoom

Doktor Zoom's real name is Marty Kelley, and he lives in the wilds of Boise, Idaho. He is not a medical doctor, but does have a real PhD in Rhetoric. You should definitely donate some money to this little mommyblog where he has finally found acceptance and cat pictures. He is on maternity leave until 2033. Here is his Twitter, also. His quest to avoid prolixity is not going so great.


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