Deleted Comments Of The Day: Obama Is Bush Except Bush Was Better

We sure got an outpouring of comments on that piece Kaili wrote aboutGeorge Bush, the hipster doofus artist whose secret name turned out to be Cosmo. The piece generated a surprising number of comments from new accounts -- must have hit a wingnut site somewhere. The news that Dubya was a hipster icon was hailed as welcome news by "hamptonwriter," who said,

Hee hee! What a delicious turn of events! Obama and his ilk are so bad that the young uns are turning back to President Bush. Talk about unintended consequences.

Yep, that's some groundswell of demand for GWB or someone just like him from all the young folks. Only one problem with your analysis, hamptonwriter -- the whole point of the "Bush as hipster icon" thing was that his naïve art might find an audience with people who know nothing about his politics.

We got a more conventionally hipster-style reply from "ajolly2," who writes,

Dear writer of this article: write better English. You're making the rest of us Bush haters look stupid. Also, while you're at it, broaden your scope of the world. Presidents before and since have also fucked us all triple sideways. Things were as bad as they could be under Bush, yet somehow they've only gotten worse.

Well, that sounds like a hipster all right -- ajolly is smarter, and therefore even more cynical than Yr Wonkette -- and has been disappointed not only by all the presidents before GWB, but also all of them since GWB. And now that things have literally gotten worse than they can be, ajolly wants us to write some better English.

We aren't sure whether "Reader4info" is coming at this from the left or the right, but they sure are disappointed:

Bush was horrible and now Obama is following in his footsteps. I guess the hipsters just don't give a rat's ass.

Now that's just not true. It's just that hipsters give a rat's ass about different things. For one thing, just look at what happens when you call a hipster a hipster. Or make their coffee wrong.

"ObamasCaddy" wanted us to know that

obama is so horrible that he makes even the worst presidents like Buchannan and Carter look good by comparison and above average ones like George W Bush look almost great.

We are just trying to wrap our head around which presidents would be "average" if GWB was "above" that. Harding. He was pretty middling.

"Kapoleidave" at first seemed to be riffing on the original post with his (we assume) first comment, "Liberals are such squares, huh?" But then he clarifies, apparently in response to another comment (though we don't know which one, because Wonkette does not allow comments):

Because they want control over your every thought, your every word, your every deed. There is to be no tolerance for dissent, you "Dumbass Hipsters".

We're going to assume that Kapoleidave is complaining about how mean liberals never tolerate disagreement which makes them such hypocrites or something. So far, the best we've managed at Yr Wonkette is total control over your every sexual fantasy, which really is enough for anyone. No, don't ask us how we do it.

On another topic, we got a couple of notes from "Young_Gun," an admirer of George Zimmerman, in response to our blockbuster expose (complete with visual overlay) of George Zimmerman's "hand painted artwork" that turns out to be a precise copy of a stock photo familiar to lots of people. The first disputes our very premise:

I am confused -- do people not paint by looking at images? I think everyone knows of the classic fruit bowl painting, does this not apply here? It seems like you liberal hippies think he printed the flag photo, signed it and them framed it.

Don't be ridiculose! We think he downloaded the flag photo, then either manipulated its colors in Photoshop and did a giclée printout on canvas, or maybe if he was really ambitious, projected the image onto canvas and then painted. (Yeah, we absolutely do not believe he was actually that ambitious. Definitely that first thing.) The one thing we're certain of is that he didn't just "look at" the stock photo and then paint an exact copy of it. If Young_Gun thinks that's easy, we invite him (?) to try it, even with a simpler image, perhaps a Marmaduke cartoon. Young_Gun also couldn't quite buy the notion of someone as wonderful as George Zimmerman being someone who beats up women, because look at the simple facts:

Both his ex-wife (I would assume they are divorced by now) and his latest GF both retracted their statements of him threatening them. Do you really think that they weren't trying to pull a fast one? The latest incident with the GF had her booking TV appearances and getting paid to talk. Hmm, not weird at all.

Going on TV is for George Zimmerman's brother, not the women he beats up. And poor old George remains a victim of schemers, schemers everywhere.

And finally, some hot-off-the-interwebz reaction to Friday's story about Camille Paglia's important thoughts on the Duck Dynasty Duck-up, from "Roshawnmarkwees," who is not one bit happy about "homofascists":

  • Just like homofascists to disregard substance that doesn't jibe with the agenda and instead disparage.
  • And

  • Homofascists unite in the silencing and disparagement of those who don't toe the agenda line and instead apply objectivity and perspective.
  • To which we can only ask, wut? We're fairly sure that this is a gripe from a conservatroll who thinks all gays are fascists, since that's the usual context for the absurd term "homofascism." On the other hand, we wouldn't be at all surprised to find that Roshawnmarkwees is actually a gay Camille Paglia fan who thinks all other gays who disagree with Camille Paglia are fascists.

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