Once more to the pending comments queue, dear Wonkers, and let's just see what has piled up for you. We have this, from terribly upset person "Sundaymorningg," in reply to thatarticle we did when Michelle Malkin noticed that Michelle Obama wore a designer dress to the State Dinner for French President Francois Hollande. Sundaymorningg is not pleased with all the terrible racism and sexism all over Yr Wonket's comments section:

My goodness, this forum is just a study in liberal tolerance and love. You call women the C-word, bitches, whores and so on and pretend to be pro-woman. You make racist comments right and left and claim that conservatives are racist. Most of the comments read like a potty-mouthed version of Hukd on fonix. Thank you for verifying that liberals are the hateful, anti-woman, racist, nearly illiterate buffoons they accuse conservatives of being.

Oh, we are such monsters here. We have already addressed the c-word, and while we recognize that not everyone agrees with Yr Editrix on that, she has had her Feminist Card revoked so many times by other people that she's not too worried that a wingnut is now ready to revoke it again. Oddly, in the eleven (11!!!!1!) comments Sundaymorningg left, they said not a single thing about policies, but were very careful to police every instance of "bitch" or "cunt" in the comments, because obviously if you say an unkind thing about a particular woman, you are therefore precluded from wanting equal pay, reproductive freedom, health care, and all that nonsense.

As for all the "racism," we couldn't tell which comments Sundaymorningg was replying to, because Wonket does not allow comments. We found exactly one anti-Asian slur aimed at Malkin, which we deleted because Wonket is better than that sort of thing. We have a feeling Sundaymorningg was also including stuff like this, because it refers to that word: "Malkin's just all pissy because she thinks that the FLOTUS should really be wearing a maid's outfit, like any good house n--er should." We really don't think Sundaymorningg speaks Sarcasm especially well.

A couple other gems from Sundaymorningg; again, can only guess at what they're replying to:

  • Elitist? You really don't get the irony of accusing someone of being elitist while defending a first family where they live the 1% lifestyle, and flaunt wealth like crazy. Yup, they love the poor people, that's why they're making more of them by the day.
  • Almost as amusing as the "We are the champions of the poor, we hate the rich and we're on your side, but we're living like we just won the lottery" attitude coming from the white house right now.
  • Yeah, and the conservatives are the racists. You will NEVER see a disgusting comment like yours on a conservative blog, but thanks for showing us where the REAL racists are hiding themselves.
  • Again, thanks for demonstrating which side has the raging racists.

We like that the Obamas, who actually are reasonably wealthy by American standards, are not supposed to have nice things. Damn them for outrageously holding a state dinner that looked like every other state dinner ever -- and of course, Barry's hosted a whopping six of them. Austerity role model Ronald Reagan held 35.

Along similar lines, another piece on the State Dinner -- and about the Daily Caller's angry hissy fit about dogs in the White House -- drew this comment from "iain1028," who is clearly proud of his fast new modem, but cannot stand the sickening double standard where no one is allowed to criticize this Black president:

Sickening and totally out of touch with working class Americans. Nancy Regan got blasted for buying new China for the White house by the media for 2 years, but not one peep about this grotesque display of elitism and absolute wealth (on our dime). You know why there are no complaints by the main stream media? Because Obama is Black, and hey like MC Hammer once said "Can't touch this" Sorry, its the 110% truth. Black President, you criticize, your a racist. Case closed. If White Conservative First Lady tweeted these photos there would be hell to pay for that President and again, that's the truth.

Remember, this is in response to an article in which we note a major online publication has criticized the Obamas, and we managed not to accuse the Daily Caller of racism (though it often, or make that "usually," is -- this time they were just dicks).

Then there's this, from "Phemid," who is very unhappy about how Barack Obama has been killing off everyone who ever handled his birth certificate:

It's really too bad someone has not removed obozo from office. This clown is ruining America at a record pace. If something is not done soon, we will have a second American revolution and a lot of Washington DC will be eliminated.....This has and is happening in other countries and it will happen here.

We are happy to know that someone keeps records on the pace at which various presidents ruin America. It seems like sort of a niche statistic, really. And while Phemid is salivating at the thought of assassinations and civil war, what really worries him is that Barack Obama is wrecking the country.

And finally, from someone who is truly a leftist, unlike us stooges for the Man, there's this criticism of a 2012 article about young Barry Bamz and his fondness for the herb, which was not appreciated one! little! bit! by "martymitch," who has simply had it with our supposedly leftist president's failure to change all the pot laws because Barack Obama is a hypocrite, just like martymitch's DAD!

Obama is an habitual liar and hes been doing it on pot since day one. First he said he was in favor of decriminalizing of pot in the 2008 campaign after which he aggressively attacked medical marijuana in California through the justice department. Now he lies about the scheduling by the DEA of pot saying he cant do anything about it. look up Obama lies on pot scheduling. And oh yeah he's going to close Gitmo, stop spying, and you can keep your health plan....

Also, martymitch adds,

Sometimes I have to check in here just to see observe the mindless sheep in devotion to "the One".

Awww, "The One"! Isn't that just a trip down memory lane?

Doktor Zoom

Doktor Zoom's real name is Marty Kelley, and he lives in the wilds of Boise, Idaho. He is not a medical doctor, but does have a real PhD in Rhetoric. You should definitely donate some money to this little mommyblog where he has finally found acceptance and cat pictures. He is on maternity leave until 2033. Here is his Twitter, also. His quest to avoid prolixity is not going so great.


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