We are still trying to dig out from the giant pile of comments in our queue; we got a whole new infusion of them with the shootings in Las Vegas this weekend. Gun fondlers were not pleased, and in particular, they were not pleased that we wereinsufficiently reverential toward Joseph Robert Wilcox, the concealed-carrying good guy with a gun who did not stop the killers, but was in fact shot from behind by Amanda Miller while Wilcox held his gun on Jerad Miller. You see, even though he didn't actually stop the bad guys with guns, we very rudely pointed out that his death didn't do much to support the NRA's fantasy that good guys with guns are the solution. It is apparently very disrespectful to point out that reality did not live up to the fantasies of all the Monday Morning Snipers who, had they been there, woulda taken down the bad guys for sure.

Typical of the responses is this, from "jackmeirod":

Let me see if I've got the snarky liberal zeitgeist down correctly. This guy Wilcox has the balls to confront and try to stop an active shooter, and is killed in the process, and he therefore deserves to be mocked? Oh, and of course its the NRA's fault because the very fact that this one individual was killed -- notwithstanding that his action probably saved many lives -- means that the entire notion of armed self defense is "circular" and illogical. I guess police should not be armed either because the two officers were killed? You people are simply smug, self-satisfied a-holes.

Actually, Mr. Wilcox's death was tragic -- and also, yes, pointless as far as stopping the shooters. He was very brave, but there's no evidence that he "saved many lives." Early reports that he had wounded one of the Millers don't appear to be true, and the idea that his confronting them led to their retreat also seems iffy. We didn't mock him. We mocked the fantasy that if only a whole lot more people were armed, we'd all be safer. Those are different things.

From "3fgburner," whose avatar shows him posing with an old flintlock pistol, we received word that it is wrong, wrong, wrong to suggest that the Millers had anything in common with the antigovernment loons at the Bundy Ranch, because

The people at the Bundy ranch told these two idiots to GTFO.

And by golly, they definitely did. Mostly because Jerad Miller kept trying to push the militia loons at the ranch to go just one step beyond aiming guns at law enforcement, and wanted them to pull the trigger. See? No similarity at all between them!

We got a whole raft of comments from "Nathanielfire44" -- about twenty over a couple of days. We will share a few of them, starting with his reaction to Yr. Editrix. Enjoy following the logic here:

Rebecca Schoenkopf- "We are very, very sorry you are dead". How many Marines and soldiers died the same way from "insider threats" both in Iraq and Afghanistan? Are you sorry they died? Yak, yak , write, write...thanks for keeping me free Marine, right Rebecca, but sorry you are dead. Next time why don't you write...better you then me. At least it would show your true feelings. Oh, by the way leave the fighting and dying for your way life to me and my brothers in arms. We don't ask for nothing in return. Glad you can enjoy writing disrespectful trash.

We like that Nathanielfire44 conflates private gun ownership with being one of The Troops who fought for our freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan (yes, they really did). Also amusing: the assumption that since Yr Editrix is a liberal, she must also hate the Marines. You know, like her own brother.

To another commenter, Nathanielfire44 had this to say (watch for the autocorrect fail in there!):

I wonder what you would think of him if he would have smoked the hell out of the two lunatics. HERO? Naw, probably not because he should not have a gun according to you and most of the people on this site. Additionally, it appears that it is a "horrible" crime if the killing is done with a gunboat if a knife or other instrument is used then it is..Well, at least it wasn't a gun. How about this....ALL VIOLENCE IS WRONG. Nope, sorry only if it involves a gun. My bad. Guess what I will keep my .45 with me close.

Yes, we're all cool with knife crimes. We say that several times a day here. We also think gunboats are probably best kept out of civilian hands.

Nathanielfire44 also gave us a good talking to about the sin of "talking down to the dead," and let us know that he stands ready to be a flawless gun hero himself:

I carry a concealed and probably what have done the same. Ever think that maybe him walking toward that NUTCASE allowed two or one other person to flee? Probably not, right. F---info Awesome that there are people here in America who still are willing to make A STAND AGAINST LAWLESSNESS EVEN IF IT MEANS GETTING KILLED.

And again, our point was not that Mr. Wilcox did a bad thing. Our point was that his death demonstrates that a good guy with a gun didn't exactly turn out to be the miraculous solution to a mass shooting that the NRA wants us to believe in.

There's just something hypnotic about the strange cadence of Nathanielfire44's writing. It's almost musical, in its own way -- if that music is by The Shaggs. Let us share some more:

  • Hmm but that would never had happen to a cop. Right because they are well trained. Think about it. He was ambushed. Just like the cop. Did you ever think these nuts planned it? Thinking there would be more cops.
  • Well then why the hell did you go there then. Holy snap what the hell. You go there and then come back and tell us not to go there. Freakin awesome
  • Wow bright idea and comment. Fck the intelligence here in funkette is amazing
  • how the hell do you know what his capabilities were? Did you know him? Squeaking like the rest of the people on here. The problem with America is not guns it is the damn disrespect people show each other. It is violence period.
  • Well, maybe Wilcox was tired of lawlessness and assclown shooters. Ever think about that? No right

Nathanielfire44 was back again later with some thoughts on Sara's piece about those surreal photos of little kids with their very own guns. He was no happier with us; having no idea who he was replying to only makes his comments even more weirdly beautiful:

  • Where did you get you information. Pretty damn wrong.
  • wow you know that words rhyme because they have the same ending sounds. Good for you. Thanks for sharing. That was great intelligence.
  • Yup nice assumption. I guess you have a freakin crystal ball. Wonkette is a great place to read peoples' intelligence.
  • After reading you comment...I pissed my self. Never read such trash. That is the difference. I teach mine that if they get a chance to pound the shit out of the person. Why? Because murders, rapists and other lawless jerks deserve prison or the death penalty. Wait that is just beyond you, right? Let someone else do it, right?
  • Well, I get it. It is called teaching kids to be safe with them. Something most liberal ass goons think it is beyond belief. Maybe because most of them live in DC because everything is pure convenience.
  • Get off Wonkette that is just dumb
  • Wow liberals suck

"Liberal ass goons" may very well make its way to a coffee cup someday.

Needless to say, there are some people who, no matter what the topic, need to remind us that there are far worse things. A couple of self-styled revolutionaries want to start a revolution by murdering cops? That's nothing when you put it in perspective, according to "MealDeal":

Per Centers for Disease Control data, Americans killed over 2,000 children per day in 2010 using abortion. Since 1973, the daily average is about 3,600. Kinda puts the 9/11 data to shame. To bad we can't just pass more laws making it a crime to murder people.

You know, MealDeal, if you'd just found a way to get Benghazi in there. So close.

Our observation that Jerad Miller was s big fan of Alex Jones (false flag!) brought a couple of notes from people who are wise to Alex Jones, and wanted to let us know that this Alex Jones fellow is not a reliable source of information, in case we did not know that. One of them was just garden-variety dumb, but the other was so spectacularly dumb that we feel compelled to share it in all its deranged glory. And so we'll close this edition of Dear Shitferbrains with this epic submitted by "SoG589":

Alex joNes is a joke but his fans are the ones being played.....if they ever had the common sense to fact check jones they would see his wrong most of time an has exaggerated....but u can't win with conspiracy theorist cause it always gets larger an larger....obv conspiracies have happened... JFK def wasn't killed by lee Harvey Oswald...this however doesn't mean everything is a conspiracy I mean he said the media jumped to conclusions when the facts weren't gathered yet freely made hit accusations with no skepticism from his fans....talk about steeple....an I agree no one shud do ur thinking an mainstream media is a joke, but that doesn't mean u can just make shit up call it fact....another issue with jones is contradicting ...he says bin laden dead back in 2001 but then another time hell say he was used to fit his conspiracy....he is brilliant at what he does....he takes something true an totally an utterly spins it to fit his theories....if he thinks he's so right why not let people fact check him...off course unless that's conspiracy to....an even if he doesn't say to kill cops or gov officials he constantly every day instigates, talking bout revolution, 1776 I mean fucking really but oooo no he doesn't incite anything....I mean I don't like big government an don't trust gov sum times, but he createst such a fear of gov wen there's plenty good it does to...people don't realize that he has a large audience, an not everyone is sane an some people take rhetoric seriously.... People got to make a living ok I don't hate on that, but wen u do it am constantly Blaim every single thing on a conspiracy or false flag do u really think some people won't get paranoid an do sum thing about it??? Just because u scream fire in a crowded movie am then after say ooo was just kidding, u can't always take back what u say....if ur saying globalist are try a kill people, even if u say be peaceful don't u think some people will get so scared an think they have to do summin an they will....if ur going to listen to him it would be wise to at least check out what he says n don't just take him at his word....they do say don't believe me look for ur self...so do, a lot is debunk able, some is just try like politicians are paid off to be slaves of big corporations no question.....but then taking that leap to ooo there gonna take our guns an put us in FEMA camps....well u still have ur guns, an still are home so think

U rilly think so, SoG589? We r SO glad ur not fooled by Alex JoNes. Wake up, steeple!

Doktor Zoom

Doktor Zoom's real name is Marty Kelley, and he lives in the wilds of Boise, Idaho. He is not a medical doctor, but does have a real PhD in Rhetoric. You should definitely donate some money to this little mommyblog where he has finally found acceptance and cat pictures. He is on maternity leave until 2033. Here is his Twitter, also. His quest to avoid prolixity is not going so great.


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