We have quite a range of incoherent shouting for you in today's visit to the ol' comment queue, so let's jump right in and unleash the ugly vile little snark mob, shall we? Let us begin with "bmmg39," who had a bone to pick with all of us for our stupid-headed failure to recognize that James Taranto is a genius of fairness and equality, and not a rape-apologist douchebag. Our Snipy pointed out that, no, drunk men who rape drunk women do not actually get to claim that they have diminished capacity, but what does she know, because she is only a lawyer, and also she is a woman who disagrees with Taranto. Writes bmmg39,

I'm amazed that so many people can read Mr. Taranto's column and completely misconstrue (or willfully distort) what he is saying. Mr. Taranto is NOT talking about a drunk man forcing himself onto a drunk woman who's either saying no or is passed out (which would be rape, whether it's a man doing it to a woman or a woman doing it to a man).

Aha, well that's pretty enlightened of you there, bmmg39. We'll just approve your comment and welcome you to the...wait, you wrote more? Hmmm....

He IS talking about two drunk people consenting to sex -- and then later someone decides that a woman cannot consent to sex when she's drunk -- except that HE is drunk too and that technically HE cannot consent to sex, either. So, technically, they have committed rape or sexual assault against each other. That was obvious to me the first time I read it. How could so many others not get it?

Yes, it is abundantly clear that vast numbers of rape prosecutions -- sorry, ALL rape prosecutions -- result when two people have drunk consensual sex, and then "someone" later decides it wasn't consensual after all. This is because women just change their mind the next morning because they are misandrists what hate men and regret that they got drunk and gave up their flowers or something. Good analysis! We welcome you now to the land of recycled electrons, and relish that our server is now cleansed of your nonsense.

Our coverage of Donald Trump's whine-fest about “one of the most venomous hit pieces in recent memory,” wherein reporter McKay Coppins failed to be sufficiently dazzled by Trump's brilliance, drew this reply from "Skilgore98," who felt we failed to address Mr. Coppins's own ethical lapses vis-à-vis Trump underling Sam Nunberg, who was fired by Trump following the publication of Coppins' profile:

So aside from the fact that Trump got trashed, are we seriously okay with a guy like McKay Coppins? Nunberg got him an exclusive with one of the world's most well-known billionaires, and to thank the guy, Coppins backstabbed the dogshit out of him and cost him his job. Coppins made a liar out of a man who gave his boss his word that Coppins was trustworthy, and he faces zero accountability? Say what you want about Trump, but Coppins did a shitty thing, and it's kind of reprehensible he's just getting a pass on it.

Darn that devious McKay Coppins, using his friend Nunberg to get access to Trump and then getting him fired! What a big jerk! Oh, except for the tiny detail that, as far as we can tell, Coppins never asked Nunberg to intervene on his behalf -- he wasn't there when Nunberg said "this guy's cool," and he never promised Nunberg or anyone he'd pucker up for Trump. Still, nice concern-trolling -- we must always remember to be kind to the billionaires we get access to.

Next on the list, a comment from "vikingsfan4life," who is a genuine "Climate Skeptic" and had some words for us about this piece on Charles Krauthammer's declaration that it is very unscientific to ever say that climate change is real, because science is never ever settled. And here are those words:

The real joke is that anyone believes in man-made global warm, er, what are we calling I these days, "climate change?" News flash: the science has been debunked and the historical temp readings show the earth had been getting colder, not warmer. Any liberals looks out the window lately? Wouldn't call this a mild winter. Besides, nothing we do in the USA will cause China or any other industrialized nation to lower emissions. So all we're doing with this climate change b.s. is putting the USA at a competitive disadvantage. Time to join the real world and take up a (legitimate) cause.

Wow, that hit a whole bunch of Climate Denier Bingo spaces in just a few sentences! Except you didn't explain why all the climate scientists -- sorry, a tiny fraction consisting of only 97% of them -- continue lying about the reality of climate change? Yes, yes, George Soros paid them off. (Where's our check, Mr. Soros?)

Our post on the close of arguments in Michael Dunn's trial for killing Jordan Davis brought forth a whole bunch of comments from "Textopcat," who has previously been mentioned in this feature because he (?) likes yelling at us -- and every other website in the world -- about guns. We won't reprint all six of his attempted comments about his hero "Michael Dune" [sic], but here are a few highlights (he's replying to other comments -- which we don't even allow -- but it's not always clear whom he's replying to):

  • The NRA has never supported murder or violent criminal acts of any flavor. So, why you bring NRA into the picture is not very clear? In fact the NRA is exactly the organization that provides education on gun usage and safety that would stop these type of events from happening.
  • "responsibility of government to ensure its citizens' well-being and safety" - Sorry, but the SCOTUS in Castle Rock decision ruled that police/government has no duty or responsibility to provide protection for any individual with out a special relationship with police. So, if you are in jail or have a security detail assigned, then police will provide protection, otherwise, you are responsible to provide protection for your self.
  • Do you think you used enough vulgar terms in your statement|? Dune is standing trial for murder, so what more did you want to happen? If one of the teens in the van would have pulled out a shotgun and fired at Dune, would you have the same outrage?

We really like that last one -- an unarmed 17-year-old was shot to death, and his admitted killer insisted that he really had to kill the kid -- but why are you liberals cussing so much? In another comment, textopcat also wanted to know why the police were so inefficient in looking for the shotgun that maybe Jordan Davis threw out of the vehicle he was in, although of course Dunn didn't call the cops until the next day, which is the first time anyone heard his inventive story about seeing a shotgun. But yes, more guns, please.

Our post last week about Mitch McConnell taking credit for jobs created by the stimulus -- which he absolutely hated -- got this terse reply from "swr112261":

McConnell was against the failed stimulus, but if the taxpayers were going to fork over the Chinese dough, dammit, he made sure Kentucky got it's share. Nothing nefarious there. You Lefties crack me up.

Excellent analysis! The stimulus was an utter failure, and that's why Mitch McConnell was so proud of the jobs it created, although they didn't exist, we guess.

A post from a couple weeks ago, about Mitt Romney's principled opposition to the way that Candy Crowley cost him the election over a year ago, was met with this challenge from "TimC34":

can someone put up a link to show that Obama actually said the Benghazi consulate attack was a terrorist attack? because in the quote I see he made just after, HE DID NOT. so, who is the lying liar? Step up, post that link.

Well, OK, sure. Try this.

On September 12, the day after the attack that killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Obama said in comments in the Rose Garden that he had learned about the attack on the consulate the night before.

"Our country is only as strong as the character of our people and the service of those both civilian and military who represent us around the globe," he said. "No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for. Today we mourn four more Americans who represent the very best of the United States of America. We will not waver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act. And make no mistake, justice will be done.

Oh, golly, you are right. Obama said "act of terror," not "terrorist attack." INPEACH.

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