Hey, Kids, hope you enjoyed both your Fourth of July and your Independence Day, seeing as how this was one of those years where they fall on the same day. Yr Wonkette had a nice day off and hardly blowed up anything at all that didn't need 'splodin'. And speaking of "highly Flammable," we have for you a fine collection of deleted dumbth, starting with some thoughts from a "Dr. Lopez," who we regret did not specify what his doctorate was in. Dr Lopez was not especially pleased with our piece on the Texas attorney general who issued an amazing public meltdown in the form of a press release following the Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling. And Dr. Lopez had some thoughts about just what a Big Dummy our Evan Hurst must be -- don't be fooled by his flattery at the beginning! As always, punctuation and spelling are verbatim from original.

Mr. Hurst, I am assuming your intelligent since you are able to make a sentence. You've written quite a few words that seem to fit as you try to make a coherent point. However, most of what I have read from your column is nothing more than babble with an attempt to degrade the subject matter. What is it you stand for? The right to make assign comments, the right to go along to get along? Because you do not seem to understand what your purpose is. You mock those who worship God and apparently know nothing of the Tora, which does not mean bible ,but means instructions. This country was build on laws that have come from the Old Testament (Tora), because there is no other book that is logical or practical to guide man on a daily basis. The writings in Isaiah written five hundred years before the birth of Christ plainly explain why homo sexuality will be destructive and why it is not a nature intended.Every so called great society has fallen? Why because they took a path of deviance. This decay has repeated itself throughout history. Taking words out of context and distorting what they say is ignorant. Hopefully, you will defend your position without emotional political half truths. If you are writing this tripe to just gain readership and create more mindless minions ,I apologize. Your doing a great job, with one minor caveat. Stop appeasing those that are mental midgets seeking a point.

We learn so many important things from our commenters, like how the Constitution for a representative democracy was drawn from a holy book that never mentions voting, separation of powers, or any form of government but monarchy. We're also impressed that the Founders apparently rejected the New Testament, which makes Dr. Lopez's insights unique among wingnuts. Still, thanks for the advice -- we'll definitely stop trying to appease mental midgets, because we want our minions to be mindful. Also, we want to see that movie about Japan's attack on the synagogue at Pearl Harbor again: Torah! Torah! Torah!

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In another comment on the same post, Dr. Lopez wanted to know, from another commenter who hadn't mentioned abortion at all,

Are you saying aborting fifty-eight thousand babies a year is not murder? That planned parenthood is not a concentration camp giving women the phony excuse to ease their conscious. Killing the defenseless is not murder because they own there bodies ,buy are to stupid to close their legs.(Rape is a different matter). Is that what you ARE trying to say?

Oh, we think we can answer that one! No, Planned Parenthood is not a concentration camp! It's a health clinic! Glad we could clear that up!

For some reason, Dr. Lopez also had rather a lot to say about a story from May about how "Oath Keepers" founder Stewart Rhodes would like to see John McCain executed for unspecified acts of treason. We aren't quite sure what it was in that piece that Dr. Lopez is so upset about, but he sure is clear on one thing: Liberals are dumb!

Leave to brainless liberals to make childish comments. Only Liberals have the ability to debate without fact by using emotional platitudes. Since the average Iq of the current comments is forty you would expect it. Those that believe our country was built by perverts and cowards are not capable of having an intelligent conversation concerning McCain who is constantly involving us in worthless wars that put young men and women in the ground for a cause that does not even exist. Since you mental midgets voted for Obama twice to run the country into the ground, explain to the rest of us how Obama's dream of Utopia has helped our country. Answer, you can not. All you do is demonize everyone because your ability to use reason or logic is non-existent, Your mush you call a brain only hears what it wants to hear and filters out reason and logic. In the mean time, have fun with the rest of the atheist, as the supreme court drives the country further into the dirt. Mattress spring, steaming terd ? I do not know what country you think your in. However, it seems you belong in North Korea or Europe with the rest of your fowl who will be the first ones to scream when they need help from a bully.The more the country goes into moral decay the happier liberals are . Insanity is consistent if anything.

The "mattress spring / steaming terd" comment appears to have something to do with people making fun of the Gadsden Flag, which apparently is the sort of thing that is only mocked in North Korea, with the fowl. Answer, you can not. There is no try. So stop demonizing, and try to be as logical as Dr. Lopez. If you need help, several shots of cheap hooch should do the job.

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Our piece about Christian attorney Matt McLaughlin's latest failed attempt to get a constitutional amendment on the California ballot so all the gays can be executed inspired "tyrannyofevilmen" to point out that we are the real hypocrites, since if radical Muslims suggested exactly the same thing, we'd all vote for it, since liberals all love radical Muslims!!!!!

When Muslims propose the same through implementing Sharia law in California by constitutional amendment, I'll be sure to come back here for the snark.

I'll bet that proposal will not be so casually dismissed. Our imam is working on the petition now.

Boy, he sure got us! If there's anything we liberals love, it's some arbitrary religious fundamentalism, just as long as it's not the Christian kind.

In a similar vein, "Intocad," who is apparently into being a cad, suggests an alternative to WND publisher Joseph Farah's slack-jawed suggestion that the "millions" of Americans who can't live anymore in an America with homosexual "marriage" should all move to one state, which could then secede and be FREE. Instead of that, says Intocad, how about this cool idea?

How about sending all the fags to iraq? You know see if the fly. I hear isis is doing trial runs.

Hahaha, ISIS is murdering accused homosexuals by throwing them off buildings! We get your funny joke! In reply to someone who thought Texas might make a good homeland for secessionist gay-haters, Intocad explained that Texas would be just fine without the USA, because it's got all that oil, and has created more jobs "than every other state … combined." Besides, Texas also can defend itself just fine, because it has not only the Texas Rangers and State Guard, but also owns the "Texas National Guard, the Air Guard" and its very own military bases, "Fort Hood and Fort Bliss," not to mention the "firepower of the citizenry itself." We almost don't have the heart to break it to Intocad, but, no, sorry, if your little wet dream came true, we're fairly sure that the U.S. military installations in Texas wouldn't be turned over to the state. Seems to us there was a bit of fuss over the contention that South Carolina got to keep Ft. Sumter in 1861.

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On the very same question, in response to yet another "let Texas go" comment (srsly guys, like "fetch," it's just not gonna happen), "On Fire" pointed out that liberals are not very good at thinking things through to their logical conclusions:

Yeah just leave all the southern borders open to invasion! Smart, now I can see why nothing is accomplished military wise with democrap presidents

Franklin Roosevelt might differ with you on that, just maybe. Still, it's an excellent point, so maybe we'll shelve that completely serious plan to let Texas secede. Darn. And we'd already sent out a request for bids on the Texarkana and El Paso border crossing stations.

Doktor Zoom

Doktor Zoom's real name is Marty Kelley, and he lives in the wilds of Boise, Idaho. He is not a medical doctor, but does have a real PhD in Rhetoric. You should definitely donate some money to this little mommyblog where he has finally found acceptance and cat pictures. He is on maternity leave until 2033. Here is his Twitter, also. His quest to avoid prolixity is not going so great.


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