Deleted Comments Of The Week: Yr Wonkette Stands Accused Of Advocating 'Southern Genocide'

Oh, land's sakes, we have gone and done it now! We went and insulted the sacred honor of Southern Manhood, and now we are hearing from some VERY butthurt neo-Confederates who would just like us to know that a Southern Man don't need us around, anyhow. Palmetto Patriot writes:

It's interesting how some of the commenters here openly promote Southern genocide. They rejoice in it. And yet they presume moral superiority. The US Left is morally and intellectually bankrupt.

Genocide, really? Well bless your heart.

Elsewhere in his comment history -- fair game, since he has an IntenseDebate account (but will not be using it here, thanks) -- the poor dear complained last year about the retirees who have

flooded my county and dominate the politics and culture here. Tons of interracial couples. No one speaks with a Southern accent in town. No Confederate flags in the whole city, I do believe. Cameras on every red light. US flags on every house. It's a sickening environment.

So this is seriously a victim of genociding, and not just by all those dangerous brown refugees that the government keeps importing to literally put white Southern males into gas chambers, but also by race-mixers and retirees. At least the latter group won't be around forever -- he's "looking forward to them dying off. Sadly, it's going to take a while."

Also, a clarification: "Palmetto Patriot" complains about the photo accompanying the post:

The pic is definitely not of League members or actual Southern nationalists (SNs). This picture was chosen merely to mock Southerners.

This is partly true -- the photo was found on the web, and we would like to state that it is definitely not a representation of an event that the post says has not happened yet. You sure got us! We would also like to clarify that pastel cartoon ponies, while frequently appearing in illustrations, are not involved in any way in the research or writing of this blog, or the news events to which we refer. As to whether Southerners are being mocked, as far as we can tell, the photo was not staged in Boston.

Our next butthurt cry for justice comes from "Pat Hines," who has a warning for us foreigners in the rest of what we laughably call the United States:

You see, here's the thing. We Southrons aren't going to permit you Yankee Empire thugs to replace us in our own lands. We're conducting peaceful demonstrations now to alert those illegals that they need to move on and to instruct you progressive-fascists that we're done tolerating your "stuff". You can post non related photos all you want, we don't care. We're going to continue with our demonstrations and there's nothing you can do about it. Just like there's nothing you can do about us defending our land and states. We're asserting private property rights.

Gosh, what a brave Southron, standing his ground like that! We're a bit confused about the "illegals" thing, since our article addressed the League of the South's objection to all those nasty refugees being brought in by the U.S. Gummint, but maybe they're "illegal" since the Gummint has no authority to do genocide on Southern Whites by allowing people from other countries to come to their sacred land. In any case, we hereby acknowledge that we have been put on notice: No more tolerance for our "stuff."

Next, a selection of gripes from "Hunter Wallace," who had quite a few of them! He objects to our saying that the League's claim that Tyson Foods “dropped Labour Day for Eid al-Fitr" is untrue; we linked to a piece on the question, and he says,

If you read the website, you will find that Eid al-Fitr is a paid holiday at their Shelbyville plant. It was the Shelbyville Times-Gazette that first drew attention to the issue. The locals who actually live in Shelbyville are familiar with that incident.

Except, no, not quite. What actually happened was that in 2008, representatives of workers at the Shelbyville plant did indeed get management to swap Labor Day for Eid al-Fitr as a paid holiday at that one plant. Following a national fuck-tussle over this slap in the face to all that is good and holy, the company announced a new agreement under which Labor Day was reinstated, and employees would have the choice of taking off either their birthday or Eid as a paid holiday as well. So, yeah, Eid replaced Labor Day for everyone...for three days. Yes, yes, we realize, it's still the first step toward crushing us all under Sharia Law.

"Hunter Wallace" continues:

Did you know the Confederate Battle Flag isn't being used at our Murfreesboro and Shelbyville protest?

This is actually correct! It's only part of the website announcing the march, and in stylized form on a poster for the event, which we've copied from our blogfriend Southern Beale's post about the event.

Also, "Hunter Wallace" insists that it really is "commonplace for the US federal government to start foreign wars and dump the consequences on small communities like Shelbyville." Just look at all the Vietnamese that got dumped into Florida, Virginia, and Texas, after all!

And finally, we'd just like to compliment our correspondent on his clever username, which could be a real name, but also conveniently combines the last name of Gov. George "segregation forever" Wallace with the title of William Pierce's sequel to The Turner Diaries. Total coincidence for a white Southern nationalist, we're sure.

Doktor Zoom

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