Deleted Comments: Why Do You Liberals Care If Druggies Die?

We've got a heapin' helpin' of hostility for you this week, on any number of topics, so let's jump right into it with this one-liner from "Boggy," who posted it this week in reply to our June piece on Ted Cruz's classy jokes about Joe Biden, four days after the death of Biden's son Beau:

Why does it not surprise me you are on a site that is all homosexuals, feminists, and nerds?

It's not quite the obvious coffee-mug slogan that "ugly, vile little snark mob" is, but it'll do. We're guessing it was the "right up your Bible hole" in the hed that set poor Boggy off.

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Our piece last week explaining that Donald Trump is doing great in polls of potential GOP primary voters because he's a loudmouthed dickhead drew some thoughtful responses, like this one from "sosmartru":

Disgusting and immature article. The author should choke on his "buttplug" for writing such a miserable piece.

And from "dog lover," who you'd think would be more of a Santorum fan:


And one more, from "Riceburner Ray":

@Doktor Zoom If anyone is the pussy its you ! Go Mr Trump ! My opnion.

Call it confirmation bias, but we'd just like to thank these commenters for helping us make the headline's point by sharing their "opnions." As Stephen Colbert said, "Opinions are like demo tapes: Everybody has one, and I don't want to listen to yours." Also, as a consumer protection tip, we'd just like to note for "sosmartru": Butt plugs don't work that way, and indeed such uses may void your warranty, among other things.

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Also got some fine ol' conspiracy theorizing from "HappyHuntress," on why Donald Trump was Absolutely Right not to apologize to that fraud, John McCain:

Trump is correct about McCain. Donald Trump has done much to help our veterans. Congressman John McCain has done nothing for our veterans and he has even helped Obama enable the cover up and non-prosecution of those responsible for fraud at the VA Hospitals. Meanwhile, John McCain the RHINO has pushed for amnesty and benefits for illegal aliens. McCain had called those many thousands of voters from his own state of Arizona "crazies" last week because they want their border with Mexico secured and they came out in support of Donald Trump.

Also, many are not aware of the real story of McCain's POW history and the cover up. A fair comparison to Hanoi John McCain would be Jane Fonda. Both spent time in North Vietnam.

Both are accused of helping North Vietnam, Fonda by being photographed and McCain by doing many propaganda broadcasts and helping the enemy plan attacks on American soldiers

Also, did you know that, after returning to America, John McCain tried to destroy the nation by unleashing a poisonous viral disease upon the entire country?[contextly_sidebar id="7Qsi3I9VSVb71MqxOmsX2PKskMNT1rQP"]

Our story this week about the death of Troy Goode, who died in Memphis after police hog-tied him and left him face-down on a stretcher, brought out the usual crowd of cop defenders, who explained all sorts of reasons why Mr. Goode totally needed to be killed by the police -- or rather, why he pretty much killed himself by having used LSD at a concert, and was therefore unworthy of life. This was succinctly stated by "johnsimon," who couldn't even believe anyone cared that a father of a 15-month baby died due to dubious police procedures, because no one who uses drugs even counts as a parent (excepting, of course, customers of the nation's distillers, vintners, and brewers). Mr. Simon points out that the real victims here are the cops:

  • The world has no time to mourn another dead druggie...
  • The cops who do everything they can to keep people safe are going to deal with this for the rest of their life because of this druggie.
  • It seems wrong to even call him a Dad. He was a druggie who clearly cared more about drugs than his child.

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"James McWilliams" posted about ninety jillion comments that all came down to the same point, which was that by getting high and resisting arrest -- remember, everyone who dies in police custody was resisting, that's just a given -- Goode killed himself:

  • a bit of personal responsibility goes a long way.

    I suppose if you're tweaking out and become combative cops should just let you continue on your way right?

    Are cops some how blessed with knowing everyone's medical history?

  • Oh wait the cops are supposed to know or care what drugs you're high on when you resist arrest?Why doesn't everyone else know this?
  • Something tells me that if you have ASTHMA then hallucinogenic drugs and drinking alcohol to the point you lose your mind probably aren't a good idea.

    But hey it's all the cops fault right?

  • you keep trying to make excuses for drunk and high idiots. God forbid you take responsibility for your own fuck ups.

Considering the fact that cops are supposed to be trained to deal with a wide variety of medical conditions that can be mistaken for intoxication -- diabetes, epilepsy, and brain injuries among them, then, yes, we'd say it is in fact reasonable for cops not to resort immediately to brute force.

And then we had this first-person medical commentary from "Big Jon," a self-identified "retired police officer" who has an "EMT license," and apparently has completed his own investigation on Goode's death, because he Knows Things. Or at least he's seen something about it on the local news, we guess. Among other science facts, reported with the certainty of an eyewitness (but with no claim to having been there), "Big Jon" explains that the police did absolutely nothing wrong, because he knows exactly what would have happened if he'd been there:

He died because he took drugs and booze. Period.

Oxygen administered in the ambulance and all vitals were monitored until they arrived at the hospital. An i.v. of saline is also begun in the ambulance.

He was placed in medical restraints, not, hogtied, because of his actions. An ambulance chasing attorney used that term. He was placed face down on the stretcher because of his actions leading to him being restrained. I would guess his head was also restrained to keep him from injurying it.

Don't forget this doper got out of a car in traffic. Not very raltional.

This isn't his first lsd trip.

"Big Jon" even had an explanation of why police were threatening people trying to film them as they hogtied Goode on the stretcher: He apparently thinks the cops were merely enforcing the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996:

The fools film were violating the doper's rights to medical privacy. Did any of them get a release from him or his family before posting their video?

If it was me I would sue everyone that posted a video of me in his position. I would hope my family would sue if I died.

If you don't believe it check it out.

Yes, he actually wrote that. We'll give him credit for originality, although we'd note that we've never heard of a single case of someone recording police brutality in public being prosecuted or found civilly liable for violating the victim's "medical privacy."

Several folks showed up to explain what made the police's treatment of Mr. Goode very different from other deaths in police custody: While Troy Goode's life was definitely disposable, the aftermath does at least prove that white people are more civilized than The Blacks, as "loder 74" helpfully explains:

Here is something that won't spark riots or be used to smear the reputation of law enforcement. The reason is that the dead man is not a member of a race that behaves like animals and the one he does belong to understands that cops have jobs that are very difficult and very dangerous.

We also heard from "Ali Song," who made a similar point:

He's not Black so no Riots Looting and burning building... sigh ... oh yes white people don't do that .. I forgot

We're assuming that's sincere, but we suppose there's an outside possibility it's a Poe. The user's comment history is blocked, so there's just no telling.

Our story on the movie theater shooting in Lafayette, Louisiana, brought some interesting thoughts from Jaime Espano, who wondered why the hell we'd care about people being shot in a movie theater when there is in fact only thing in the world that is outrageous:

Wow, This Doktor Zoom is about as nuts as the shooter was. Dude, get off the liberal ledge and live life like the gift it was meant to be. Do you really want to waste the gift of life by being a shill for power egos in this world?

Ironic though that you seem upset about these lives lost but at the same time you have no sympathy for lives lost through abortion for profit enterprises. What give with that?

Excellent point, which leads to the inevitable question: Why was the guy murdering people in a movie theater when he could have been murdering people in a clinic? Or maybe that's what proves he was crazy. Or perhaps he just assumed that women attending an Amy Schumer movie needed to die because of course they support abortion.

And then there was "Gary Anderson," who had this very thoughtful contribution to our understanding of why someone might go on a killing spree during a romantic comedy:

So, truth is, JFk supported gun rights. The government took him out. Israel got to keep its nukes without US surveillance, and the globalists passed gun control, signed by a Texan, the very guy who had JFK gunned down. So, JFK wanted to curb the private Fed, he stopped Operation Northwoods to deal with Cuba, he hated Israel's evil and was no doubt aware of the Lavon Affair, a false flag against US property in Egypt by Israel. He didn't want gun control because he knew the globalists would take advantage.

We're not 100% certain, but we're pretty sure this means The Jews did Lafayette. It all kind of fits together, doesn't it?

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For some reason, an article from April about wingnut columnist Eric Rush's suggestion that someone should please kill Neil deGrasse Tyson for his capitalism-damaging talk about climate change drew a whole bunch of seriously torqued-off comments from "Sarah Goodwich," whose Disqus comment history also includes an astonishing number of recent comments on a January 2014 TV Guide article about the TV show Two and a Half Men." We feel honored that she got to our Tyson piece with such astonishing speed. And why is she unhappy with NdGT? Mostly because he's a damn liar! Sarah Goodwich started with a very funny takeoff of the Tyson quote we headed the article with:

Oh, yeah? Sarah has a BETTER Tyson quote, but look how she improves it:

Tyson said "If you're successful at bullshitting, you're not hanging around enough people who are smarter than you."

That explains why his followers are such idiots, since he's a walking cowpie.

Tyson's real crime, according to Sarah (not THAT Sarah!), is that like Donny, if Donny were an astrophysicist, NdGT is out of his element:

How about the fact that scientific authority pertains only to one's own field? But Tyson spouts off outside his own field regularly, like the already-disproved crap about global warming.

Ultimately, Sarah agrees that it would be a good idea for Tyson to die: In reply to someone who noted that it was weird that Rush thought that Tyson's being black put him above criticism by the mainstream media, when "being black doesn't even help you convince one cop that you're unarmed," Sarah triumphantly said,

Good idea, let's call the police on Tyson and hope.

The weird thing? In another comment, she claimed to be a huge fan of Carl Sagan, who no doubt would have hated Tyson's reboot of Cosmos. That seems a tad unlikely, given that Sagan and Tyson palled around together and the 2014 Cosmos was co-produced and co-written by Sagan's widow, Ann Druyan. But who are we to argue with a TV expert who's typed thousands of words about how great Charlie Sheen was in one of the greatest sitcoms in history?

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And finally, this delayed but devastating J'accuse! from "America Firster," who called us out on our utter lack of journalistic ethics a couple weeks back when we ran a story with the extremely dishonest headline "Ted Cruz Will Save Jew Churches From The Homosexuals." Totally unfair to the Senator From Alberta!

Sorry but any headline that attributes the phrase "Jew churches" to Cruz when he in fat said Jewish churches is quite obviously dishonest and part of an agenda.

The writer is clearly being dishonest. Unclear to me why you guys are so desperate to not admit this.

Damn, guess they got us. Cruz really did say "Jewish Churches," which we quoted accurately in the text of the story, but was it necessary of us to resort to such scurrilous distortions in the headline just to make Sen. Cruz look dumb? We'll be sure to have an editorial meeting about the ethical implications of our dishonesty in this case.

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Also, why did we even write about that instead of about the millions of babies being slaughtered in the nation's abortionplexes?

Doktor Zoom

Doktor Zoom's real name is Marty Kelley, and he lives in the wilds of Boise, Idaho. He is not a medical doctor, but does have a real PhD in Rhetoric. You should definitely donate some money to this little mommyblog where he has finally found acceptance and cat pictures. He is on maternity leave until 2033. Here is his Twitter, also. His quest to avoid prolixity is not going so great.


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