Democrat Carol Glanville Defeats Gross Nazi Rape Comic In Michigan State House Race!

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Democrat Carol Glanville Defeats Gross Nazi Rape Comic In Michigan State House Race!

Here’s some good news during an awful week: Democrat Carol Glanville won the 74th Michigan House District special election. Her victory’s considered quite the upset because well, she’s a Democrat in 2022 but more specifically, her district is hardcore Republican. In 2020, Donald Trump carried the area by 16 percentage points, and state Rep. Mark Huizenga won the seat by more than 26. The GOP likely considered the 74th a safe hold when Huizenga moved on up to the 28th state Senate seat.

Glanville tweeted Tuesday night:

West Michigan values of integrity, decency, and care for the common good won tonight. The people of the 74th District have spoken, and I hear you. We are united in fundamental ways, and I will take our values and concerns to the Capitol to affect (sic) positive change. Thank you!

Wow, the font in that tweet is delivering some serious MySpace flashbacks.

PREVIOUSLY: Michigan GOP Nominee, World’s Worst Dad Says Truly Vile Sh*t About Rape

Glanville’s Republican opponent was Robert Regan, who won just 40 percent of the vote to Glanville’s 51. Wha’ happened? Well, Regan is a racist Big Lie promoter. That’s normally not enough to budge the needle these days, but Regan is so awful his own daughter issued an anti-endorsement for his previous failed campaign in 2020. Stephanie Regan tweeted: “If you’re in Michigan and 18+ pls for the love of god do not vote for my dad for state rep. Tell everyone.”

Ever the concerned father, Regan claimed Stephanie had gotten "sucked into this Marxist, communist ideology” at the University of Colorado in Boulder. (If you watch reruns of "Mork & Mindy," which is set in Boulder, you’ll notice the fairly blatant Marxist tracts.)

Back in May, during a Facebook Live discussion hosted by the rightwing Rescue Michigan Coalition, Regan brought up his daughters as part of some twisted rape analogy: “I tell my daughters, ‘Well, if rape is inevitable, you should just lie back and enjoy it.’ ”

Yes, that’s what he said. Here’s the video:

The Michigan GOP denounced Regan, who’d won his party’s primary by just 81 votes.

Glanville, a Walker city commissioner, easily raised more money than Regan, who mostly self-funded the campaign he set on fire with inappropriate rape analogies. He’s also said some crazy things about COVID-19 and Jewish people.

From Salon:

In May 2021, Regan claimed over social media that "feminism is only applied against white men, because it has absolutely nothing to do with protecting women as a sex or defending the feelings of individual women. It is a Jewish program to degrade and subjugate white men.”

On his Facebook page, he shared an image of this quote with the logo of Smoloko News, a now-defunct antisemitic website. He’s also shared gross libels about the Rothschild family, who are at the center of antisemitic conspiracies claiming Jews control the banks and not just the buildings but all the money kept inside. He posted a QAnon meme that called “(((Them)))” the “real virus.” Assholes use the triple parentheses to quickly identify themselves as repulsive antisemites.

In another post, Regan called billionaire philanthropist George Soros a “Jewish communist investor” and “pure evil.” Republicans like to smear Soros as a destructive force without actually calling out that he’s Jewish. This gives them plausible deniability, but Regan’s not one for subtlety. It’s why his daughter plausibly denies him.

Despite everything, Regan was still a favorite to win the special election, so thank God Glanville helped us dodge that bullet. Her term is set to expire at the end of the year, when new district lines go into effect. She’s already filed to run again in the 84th House District (it's redistricted) this fall. She’ll face off against Regan the Nazi election denier and Mike Milanowski, a slightly less loathsome Republican.

[Salon / Michigan Live]

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