'Democrat' Jim Webb Mewling About Obamacare, Still Not Going To Be President

'Democrat' Jim Webb Mewling About Obamacare, Still Not Going To Be President

Last November, one-term Senator from Virginia Jim Webb (R or D or whatever you want) released a home movie breaking the EXCLUSIVE! news that "thousands of concerned Americans from across the political spectrum" have begged him to run for president in 2016. So he made a website and everything, to paint himself as some kind of non-partisan hero who was technically a Democrat while he served a single term in the Senate before deciding it's way better to make lots of money in the private sector, but also, he served in the Reagan administration and loves that guy a whole lot, so everybody wins!

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While we forgot to "encourage other like minded Americans" to spread the good word about Jim Webb -- because a) we don't know anyone like that, and b) gross -- that hasn't stopped him from continuing his non-partisan pitch to voters by explaining how Barack Obama's an epic FAIL for achieving health care reform all wrong:

President Obama had a tremendous amount of goodwill when he was first elected. I don't agree with the notion that he got all of this resistance automatically, simply because of external factors. He put health-care reform on the table at a time when we were in a major recession. It had been a big issue in the campaign, so there was a natural momentum to want to haul that through. But there was no bill. [...]

It could have been done in a different way. I, quite frankly, would have figured a narrower bill, but an actual bill. There are counterarguments to that, and I know you're aware of them, where they were saying that the Clinton administration had put together a 1,100-page bill and it got ripped up. But you need a bill.

Apparently, Webb never got the memo that whether it was Obama or Congress who drafted the legislation, someone did put together a bill, and it passed, and that is why we do have reformed health care now. But other than that minor detail, Webb definitely has a point, and if he were president (snort, chuckle, guffaw), he'd have put together an even MORE actual bill, but that was narrower and did less than the Affordable Care Act, because the real problem with Obamacare is that it makes health care a little too affordable and accessible, right?

Yup, that sounds like a real winner, Jim Webb. You run with that.

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