Democrats Might Need Restraining Order Against Creepy Republicans Stalking Their Meetings

We all know Donald Trump is wholly corrupt and will do whatever's necessary to rig the upcoming election in his favor. He was impeached for it, after all. But many of us don't appreciate just how shady the non-Trump Republicans are.

Politico reports that members of the National Republican Congressional Committee strolled over to the Capitol Hill headquarters of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and got all up in their business. The DCCC was holding a meeting for its "Red to Blue" program. Unfortunately, this innocent pack of doe-eyed liberals was discussing strategies for flipping Republican seats with "the blinds wide open," so any random corrupt political organization could see the information on display. But the NRCC didn't just look and move on, like when you (not me, obviously) walk past an advanced yoga class. They stopped and took pictures, which was, as the DCCC puts it, "totally out of bounds and downright creepy."

But "Totally Out Of Bounds And Downright Creepy" is the GOP slogan for the 2020 elections. Republican voters don't care how Democrats are defeated, just so long as they are. I don't like to victim blame, but, seriously, shut your damn blinds when you're working someplace where Republicans roam free.

The NRCC is gloating that its members picked up a lot of juicy intel from their spontaneous James Bond-ing. They even put a report together with running commentary.

As we walked to the DCCC, we could clearly see the a slideshow titled "DCCC California Delegation" from the sidewalk where a driveaway from a gated parking lot meets the street. There was an ashtray there, so we stood where the sidewalk meets the driveway for an hour and smoked next to the ashtray so we could photograph slides and take notes on polling data.

These noble champions for supply side economics and lawless presidents will risk lung cancer to regain the House. They did learn a great deal. For example, you'll never get the smell of cigarette smoke out of your clothing or hair, but this is probably more relevant: Democrats' internal polling shows a tight race in California for the seat Katie Hill vacated under unjust circumstances. Republican Steve Knight, whom Hill defeated in 2018, is down just four points against likely nominee Christy Smith, who's currently fending off a primary challenge from some dude on the Internet.

According to Politico, the rival organizations have disagreed over "where to draw the line when it comes to opposition research." That's a rather benign description of the NRCC's underhanded shadiness. The group won't even sign an agreement refusing to use hacked information in its campaigns. That's not a disagreement over tactics. It implies you intend to run campaigns that would make CREEP blush.

When not stalking the DCCC, the NRCC also likes to hurl invective on Twitter like its account belongs to a common president of the United States. It's called Georgia Rep. Lucy McBath a "carpetbagger" and a "lyin' hypocrite."

Cole Leiter, communications director for the DCCC, released this charmingly scathing statement:

When you have no ideas or accomplishments to run on, you creep in the bushes, take pictures through people's windows, and invade their privacy. The next time the NRCC is looking for tips on running winning campaigns, all they have to do is call us -- we'll be more than happy to explain why Kevin McCarthy is the Minority Leader.

Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House should damn near terrify you, but more importantly, it should get your ass to the polls on Election Day. In the meantime, there's still much to do to protect the Democratic House majority. The DCCC has so far raised more money than the NRCC, but the organization could always use more money for window treatments. You can chip in here.


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